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Dutch translation 3.9.0

Posted: 16 Oct 2011, 08:28
by WimScholtes
Hi there,

I translated the Suffusion 3.9.0 PO file into Dutch. Please let me know if you see any 'glitches' because I'm temporarily not using Suffusion on my blog (and therefore don't see them myself).

Had to change 'a lot' of existing sentences, which where altered in the Suffusion PO. Don't know if I missed them before or that they are just changed recently. Doesn't matter anyway, but please check the translation if you use it and let me know in case of any errors. Correcting the translation is no problem at all.


Re: Dutch translation 3.9.0

Posted: 16 Oct 2011, 10:20
by sayontan
Thanks a lot for this. From a technical standpoint this looks fine. You are right about string changes - in version 3.8.0-3.8.3 there were multiple enhancements to certain features, resulting in several new strings.

I also noticed that in your translation file a couple of strings at the bottom are commented out. That is also correct, because those strings are not a part of the theme anymore.

Thanks again.

Re: Dutch translation 3.9.0

Posted: 17 Oct 2011, 09:16
by WimScholtes
@Sayontan: your welcome.