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Latest Translation - Every Language

Post by miguelkvidal » 06 Jan 2012, 09:59

Hello everyone!

EDITED (2012/01/16):
Current available languages:
Português Brasileiro - Brazilian Portuguese: Por mim, neste post (By me, in this post)
Magyar - Hungarian: Thanks to FYGureout in his post
فارسی - Persian: Thanks to farakav in his post
Nederlands - Dutch: Thanks to WimScholtes in his post
--- --- --- --- ---

Think that you are creating a new blog and you want it in many languages...
So, you will start searching for the languages you want to download... It will take some time...
But if you know that there's a place where are all translations updated, then you need open only one single page (topic) and download every language you want... No stress.
And Sayontan will need spend less time browsing to get the updated translations to post in his site...

I am inviting you all to post here the latest translation of your language...
But only one post per language!
Always update your post to add the latest translation... Don't create a new post for every new translation... (do it only if you are a new translator)

EDITED (2012/01/13):
I think it will be very good if we also use the same standard for our translation files.
I will use for all my translations, unless someone tell me a new and better pattern.
pt: portuguese (language)
BR: Brazil (country)
version: 3_9_6 (Suffusion version)
Like this one:
- END -

I will start this by uploading the Brazilian Portuguese translation:
Translation of Suffusion 4.0.2 to Brazilian Portuguese
(27.6 KiB) Downloaded 534 times
Thank you very much for your cooperation!
Translation of Suffusion 3.9.6 to Brazilian Portuguese
(25.51 KiB) Downloaded 461 times
Translation of Suffusion 4.0 to Brazilian Portuguese
(26.43 KiB) Downloaded 454 times
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Re: Latest Translation - Every Language

Post by FYGureout » 06 Jan 2012, 10:21

OK. Thanks.

Here is the Hungarian translation for v3.9.6

(34.89 KiB) Downloaded 460 times

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Re: Latest Translation - Every Language

Post by farakav » 14 Jan 2012, 07:09

I have new translated for Persian language. this is translate for Suffusion Version 3.9.6.
this is Replies for topic memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=11341
Latest Translation - Every Language .

این ترجمه برای آخرین نسخه این پوسته تهیه شده است. شما می توانید از طریق پرونده پیوست شده آن را دانلود کنید و در پوسته خویش به کار بگیرید.
(25.27 KiB) Downloaded 484 times

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Dutch translation (latest)

Post by WimScholtes » 18 Jan 2012, 12:52

This is the Dutch translation.

Current version = 4.0.4

Version 4.0.4
(27.02 KiB) Downloaded 447 times
Version 3.9.6
(24.49 KiB) Downloaded 463 times