plugin would not show my flickr pics - *how I fixed it*

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plugin would not show my flickr pics - *how I fixed it*

Post by ohsogroovy » 03 Jan 2015, 20:09

For the life of me, I could not get the album sets to show up with the short code. The only thing it would show was anything NOT in an album set.

After many different tests, I figured out it had to do with file permissions. Even though my default settings for Flickr are PUBLIC, it was assigning my pics a private setting, and I didn't know why. I found out later it's because many of my files came from other peoples' computers, and my Windows 8 had automatically blocked the permissions on them. I have over 17,000 pictures, and I was unable to "batch unblock" them --- uh oh.

Luckily I was able to do it on Flickr.

Just go to the "organize" area on Flicker in and choose SELECT ALL. Then click PERMISSIONS and even though it says it's public, click PUBLIC again, and save it... it changed all of my files within about 5 minutes. Problem solved. :)