photonic/smug mug,version 1.50 feature of "helpers"

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photonic/smug mug,version 1.50 feature of "helpers"

Post by skip438 » 24 Feb 2016, 23:59

I'm using photonic version 1.55. In version 1.50, according to the release document, there is a new "helpers" area.

I'm within wordpress admin, using photonic, going to "helpers".
I put in my smug mug "user name", and click "find".
it displays three column headings but no data under the columns of:
"album", "album id", and "album key".

If I put in a bad user name, it tells me it's invalid (as it should), so I know
I'm putting in a correct user name, but it cannot find my albums.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Re: photonic/smug mug,version 1.50 feature of "helpers"

Post by sayontan » 25 Feb 2016, 04:38

If your album is set to be accessible to people with a link, the helper is unable to find it. Is that the case with your album? If so, you can temporarily change the setting, find the ID, then switch it back.