On click pops up 2 images

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On click pops up 2 images

Post by minuoki » 20 Dec 2016, 10:52


I use Photonic with Wordpress and GooglePhotos\Picasa.
No matter how I change settings I have following problem:
every time I click in a picture in a gallery it pops up in 2 blocks like that

1st layer - looks like it was picked: PrettyPhoto, default
2nd layer - looks simple without border, caption below

If I press Esc they both close, but if I press [X] only 1st layer closes.
If I use navigation buttons and then close 1st layer then second layer stays on the picture in was opened.

Could anyone help me?

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Re: On click pops up 2 images

Post by sayontan » 10 Jan 2017, 14:51

This is likely to happen if you have another plugin for lightboxes (or if your theme bundles a lightbox script). You will need to disable that script, and that will rectify this behaviour.