SmugMug how to order album display order

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SmugMug how to order album display order

Post by dogpaw » 17 Oct 2016, 14:28

We are trying to display these albums ( on our WordPress website (

We would like to only show the three album thumbnails and not all the images inside. Is this possible? The order needs to be Plant, Animal, Mineral as displayed on
However when we use the plugin the albums show too many images and are not in the order in which they are at Can we match the album order on our site with

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Re: SmugMug how to order album display order

Post by Colin » 17 Oct 2016, 23:52

Sorry I don't uses Smugmug with Photonic. It is some while since this plugin was last updated and maybe Smugmug has changed. Hopefully Sayontan will see this post and respond.

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Re: SmugMug how to order album display order

Post by sayontan » 14 Dec 2016, 09:58

If you are showing the "user tree", it will show you all sub-folders and albums in your entire tree (it will not show you images inside albums, unless you click on the album thumbnails). There is no way to simply show a folder, then click on it to get albums - the user experience of the plugin is not built to support that, because of the limitations of lightbox scripts.