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Widjet Areas

Post by dublin82 » 12 Jul 2010, 21:03

First off this theme has got to be the best one I have ever found! The communicability is just wonderful. I have used it for several sites! On the latest site I have been working on I ran into a few issues that I am sure wouldn't be a problem for an experienced coder but for me they present a challenge.

The first is that I want a simple banner ad above my first post. I was able to figure out how to do this within the main index template file. The other place I wanted to place some information was across the top of both the sidebar widgets. I have them both aligned right and I have no idea how to get a box to span these and hold some simple text.

Request 1: So the solution to both of these problems for me would be widget areas in both of these locations over the main content area and spanning the sidebars. Obviously these could be enabled or disabled depending on the users need.

The second problem I am having is with the main navigation menu. When it is outside the main wrapper I can not get it to touch the main wrapper. For some reason when I change that setting to 0 it makes it about 40 pixels so the closest I can get is 1px.

The other issue is just design related. I would like to do a custom gradient for the inactive tab setting setting then a solid color for mouseover or active (sorry if I am getting my terms mixed up). I would also like to make the overall tab height shorter.

Request 2: So my request here is some theme options that allow the menus and maybe widget headers to be edited like the main header. Basically most of the header options could be used here too, image (with or without tiling on x or y axis), custom gradient, height, rounded corners and so forth.

I really love the theme these are just two things that would make it fit my needs even closer.