500px parameters :)

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500px parameters :)

Post by ronthedon » 09 Feb 2016, 04:35

Hi all,

since the API documentation linked here: http://aquoid.com/news/plugins/photonic/500px/ doesn't exist anymore, you can find some useful info here: https://github.com/500px/api-documentat ... _photos.md.

And in case this URL changes as well, here all parameters listed there:


feature (required) — Photo stream to be retrieved. Default fresh_today. Recognized values:
Global features
'popular' — Return photos in Popular. Default sort: rating.
'highest_rated' — Return photos that have been in Popular. Default sort: highest_rating.
'upcoming' — Return photos in Upcoming. Default sort: time when Upcoming was reached.
'editors' — Return photos in Editors' Choice. Default sort: time when selected by an editor.
'fresh_today' — Return photos in Fresh Today. Default sort: time when reached fresh.
'fresh_yesterday' — Return photos in Fresh Yesterday. Default sort: same as 'fresh_today'.
'fresh_week' — Return photos in Fresh This Week. Default sort: same as 'fresh_today'.
Per-user features

All per-user streams require a user_id or username parameter
'user' - Return photos of a user, additional parameter 'user_id' or 'username' is required. Default sort: time uploaded.
'user_friends' — Return photos by users the specified user is following. Default sort: time uploaded.

only — String name of the category to return photos from. Note: Case sensitive, separate multiple values with a comma.
exclude — String name of the category to exclude photos by. Note: Case sensitive, separate multiple values with a comma.

sort — Sort photos in the specified order.
Recognized values:
'created_at' — Sort by time of upload
'rating' — Sort by rating
'highest_rating' — Sort by the highest rating the photo reached
'times_viewed' — Sort by view count
'votes_count' — Sort by votes count
'comments_count' — Sort by comments count
'taken_at' — Sort by the original date of the image extracted from metadata (might not be available for all images)

sort_direction — Control the order of the sorting. You can provide a sort_direction without providing a sort, in which case the default sort for the requested feature will be adjusted.
Recognized values:
'asc' — Sort in ascending order (lowest or least-recent first)
'desc' — Sort in descending order (highest or most-recent first). This is the default.

page — Return a specific page in the photo stream. Page numbering is 1-based.
rpp — The number of results to return. Can not be over 100, default 20.

image_size — The photo size(s) to be returned. See the documentation on photo sizes.

include_store — If set to 1, returns market infomation about the photo.
Returned values:
'store_download' — Boolean value if the picture is avaliable for HD Download purchase.
'store_print' — Boolean value if the picture is avaliable for Canvas print purchase.

include_states — If set to 1, returns state of the photo for the currently logged in user and authenticated request.
Returned values:
'liked' — Boolean value whether the current user has liked this photo
'purchased' — Boolean value whether the current user has bought this photo

tags — If set to 1, returns an array of tags for the photo.

hope this helps