Photos from 500px can be included into your posts using Photonic. To display the photos you have to request a Consumer API Key. Once you have your API key and secret, set them in the options under Settings → Photonic → 500px → 500px settings.

The API key is not necessarily approved immediately. Until it is approved you cannot use it to retrieve photos. You can check the status of your API key by looking at your registered application details in the 500px admin screens. For “Approved” it should show “Approved. You’re good to go”.

The following is the basic syntax:

[gallery type='500px' feature='xyz']

The parameter values for feature are described on the API documentation page:

  • popular – Returns “popular” photos
  • upcoming – Returns “upcoming” photos
  • editors – Returns “Editor’s choice” photos
  • fresh_today – Returns photos that are “Fresh Today”
  • fresh_yesterday – Returns photos that were “Fresh Yesterday”
  • fresh_week – Returns photos that are “Fresh this week”
  • user – Returns photos for a specified user. Needs either the user_id or the username attribute specified.
  • user_friends – Returns photos by users whom the specified user is following. Needs either the user_id or the username attribute specified.
  • user_favorites – Returns photos that are the specified user’s favourites. Needs either the user_id or the username attribute specified.

You can get photos by a user and / or restrict them to a specific category. The following are photos by Colin Spencer:

  • Moon disappearing behind the mountains
  • Emma- Jayne portrait
  • Sunset panorama - Spain
  • Chrome Scull
  • Villena Castle B&W
  • Villena Castle
  • Bee and Almond blossom
  • Almond blossom
  • Teruel Tower
  • Enjoying the sunshine
  • The Crystal Palace
  • Sunset over the mountains 2
  • Sunset over the mountains
  • Wedding by the sea
  • Face B&W
  • Roman theatre panorama
  • Heron in flight
  • Valldigna Monastery
  • Scary face
  • Lovely smile

The above uses this format:

[gallery type='500px' feature='user' username='abc']

You could get popular photos from only a specific category:

  • Polar Bears and Pink Sky
  • The Sunset
  • Vampire Teeth
  • Untitled Image
  • Ducking the Issue
  • ...
  • Greylag Goose
  • Zebra at a waterhole, early morning
  • Lazy Bird
  • first weeks
  • Squirrel - Eekhoorn
  • Fox cub
  • Snow Bunting on Snow
  • m LR
  • Smirk
  • Another Try
  • Dust
  • Little Bittern
  • the sun kissed tiger
  • The hunt is on !

The above uses the shortcode:

[gallery type='500px' feature='popular' only='animals']

Additionally you can alter the sizes to be returned using the thumb_size and the main_size parameters. There are four sizes defined:

  • 1 – Corresponds to 75 × 75 px
  • 2 – Corresponds to 140 × 140 px
  • 3 – Corresponds to 280 × 280 px
  • 4 – Corresponds to the full size

There is a parameter called rpp that controls the number of photos to display. The maximum is 100 and the default is 20. If you use a number higher than 100 the default of 20 photos are returned.

The following demonstrates a size 2 (140 × 140 px) thumbnail with a size 3 (280 × 280 px) popup, with 9 photos:

  • Don't leave!
  • My precious
  • goodfellas
  • La mèche
  • Max
  • Through the window
  • Future Pilot
  • little man
  • Camatkarasana

The above uses the shortcode:

[gallery type='500px' feature='editors' only='Black and White' rpp=9 thumb_size='2' main_size='3']

What if you wanted to search for specific photos in 500px.com? You could use the tag parameter to get photos with a specific tag. Note that the tag parameter doesn’t work with other parameters such as feature or sort. This is a limitation of the 500px.com API. The following 12 photos are tagged “Iceland” and are being displayed with size 2 (140 × 140 px) thumbnails

  • - Iceland: Fire and Ice (1) -
  • iceland light
  • Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland at Sunset
  • yesterday was dramatic - today is ok. | Þingvellir, Iceland
  • Untitled
  • Sunset at Jökulsárlón
  • Jokulsarlon Aurora
  • Near Hofn
  • Thingvellir
  • Jagged Peaks
  • Ice Cave Jewel
  • Beautiful Bruarfoss

The above uses the shortcode:

[gallery type='500px' tag='Iceland' rpp=12 thumb_size='2']

You could also search for photos with a specific search term using the term parameter. Like tag, this too doesn’t work with other parameters such as feature or sort. The following photos are the results of searching for “Hyderabad”:

  • The journey begins
  • Schooltime
  • Sunset
  • The Odd One Out
  • Untitled
  • cover
  • Charminar - Jewel of Hyderabad, India.
  • The Tombs
  • Snake
  • Eternal !!!
  • Feeling Fresh
  • Swimming Pool View
  • Butterfly
  • 1/4 Mile Drag
  • Light.... filling the darkness...
  • Time to relax - Week 17
  • RGB
  • Ibrahim mosque, Golkonda fort
  • Week 13 - Its Time to edit
  • Parting Shot.

The above uses the shortcode:

[gallery type='500px' term='Hyderabad']

Photonic also lets you display a single photo from 500px.com:

Enjoying the sunshine

Enjoying the sunshine
A pretty girl sunning her self in a park in Madrid.

The above is a photo by Colin, and such single photos can be displayed using the shortcode:

[gallery type='500px' view='photos' view_id='abc']

Named collections are supported in 500px.com. This needs authentication, and can be invoked thus:

[gallery type='500px' view='collections' view_id='abc']

In the above, ‘abc’ is the collection id. To get the id, open the link of any photo in a collection. The URL will have the structure http://500px.com/photo/7206122?from=set/265673. Pick the portion after from=set/, which in this case is 265673. The following is a gallery from Michael Stuart (incidentally with id 265673):

Lastly you can use the columns parameter to display a certain number of photos per row, just like regular galleries.