Photonic Version 3.05 – Bug Fixes, Minor Patches

I released version 3.05 of Photonic a little while ago. This is a minor release with a few bug-fixes: For some WP installations, the CSS was appearing as malformed. I have modified the code to “escape” the CSS and have it display correctly. A bug was introduced in the lazy-loading implementation, which was causing lightboxes […]

Photonic Versions 3.00-3.02 – RIP PHP 5.6, RIP IE

I released a new version of Photonic on 5th April 2023. Technically I released 3 new versions, but that happened only because soon after releasing the first version I realized that the WordPress core code does not quite read PHP version information the way I was expecting it to. These are the main features of […]

Upcoming Changes in Photonic – PHP 7.0+ Syntax

I have been holding off on one Photonic change for a while now – dropping support for PHP 5.6. Here is some background for context: WordPress has a tradition of supporting a lot of deadweight PHP versions. Up until WP 5.1, it used to support PHP 5.2+. At that time, the active PHP version was […]

Photonic Version 2.80 – PhotoSwipe v5 and Stability

I released version 2.80 of Photonic last evening with the following changes. New Features I added support for PhotoSwipe v5. Photonic has had support for PhotoSwipe since October 2018, but that was for v4, which is still the predominant version out there. The new v5 version is a rewrite from the ground-up. However, like the […]

Recent and Upcoming Changes to Photonic – 2.76 to 2.79

Over the past couple of weeks you might have seen a few new releases of Photonic come through. Most of these changes (versions 2.76, 2.77, 2.78 and 2.79) were done with the WordPress Plugins team and focused on aspects of security hardening, updating scripts and changing a few things with the overall approach for the […]

Photonic Version 2.75 – Spotlight and Cron

I released version 2.75 of Photonic on Monday (20th September), after a hiatus of 3+ months. While the gap was quite long, it was mainly because the plugin has been very stable, and I have been actively providing support on the support forum. As it happens, I did not publish a change log for the […]

Photonic Version 2.71 – Flickr Group Duplication

Version 2.71 of Photonic was released on 1st March. This is a minor release and it addresses two minor bugs: If a gallery was attempting to show Flickr groups in conjunction with other features such as tags, the gallery was being shown an additional time. Considering the low usage of the Flickr Group feature, this […]