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All of my code is free. Free for you to use and free for you to modify. But coding takes a lot of time and several late nights, particularly since I work after my regular day job. If you like my work and if you are interested in showing your appreciation, the best way is to rate my work well, since I rely solely on the goodwill of my user base.

You can rate Photonic 5 stars here.

If you are not satisfied with leaving me a review and are interested in buying me something, click on the coffee cup below.


A word about the payments. PayPal states that it will charge 30 cents + 4.5% for every payment that I receive. So the mathematics dictate that a payment has to be more than 31.5 cents for me to make any money! Also note that the coffee is symbolic – I am a teetotaler, so I couldn’t put up a beer icon, but the money will probably be used for things like hosting space and other such things.