Obviously this site uses Suffusion. Over the past few months I have come across a few sites using Suffusion that have been extremely good with it

Wolfsgeheul -

Wolfsgeheul -

Are you using Suffusion on a site of yours? You could post a link here if you are (no links to adult websites please!)

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  1. I also have used your theme on my blog about my country – Georgia

  2. Thank you, Sayontan, for your excellent work, not only designing and implementing a theme with excellent functionality… but for maintaining it properly and being responsive to users.

    Please feel free to use in your showcase and as a reference.


  3. Although I haven’t updated in quiet awhile now, I’ve found that Suffusion is a great theme for my simple video site. Unfortunately, the flexibility of Suffusion’s options has spoilt me when using other WordPress themes. 🙂

    You can check out the site here:


  4. Great theme. Just launched my new suffusion themed site:

    Amazon Kindle Resources and Information


  5. My simple blog is also using this fatanstic theme:

    Suffusion is a fantastic theme, provide so much flexibilities that users can customize the website as their like.

    Thanks very much

  6. Recently completed a website for a client of mine using Suffusion theme for a simple layout that’s easy to work with. I LOVE this theme!!!

  7. There is beauty in simplicity. I liked the look. It elevated the look for my site.

  8. thanks a lot, I really like you theme it’s easy to make modern and user friendly blog sites with it!

  9. Have switched over to Suffusion after using a different lesser powerful theme for the previous 2 years. I love the ability to customize nearly anything in the theme, and Sayontan the developer is very quick to respond if any issues arise. Best theme for WordPress.

    Tired of I.T! – Pedaling around the world away from a job in Information Technology

    • Love the site. Question; how did you get that layout? Looks like one sticky post with four sections beneath but the top two do not appear the same size which leads me to believe they are not tiles.

      Also, in the ‘most recent posts’ section. Are all the images on flickr and linked from your WP site?

  10. Just using your “Magazine” theme. Early days yet, but see what you think!

  11. I’ve used many free, Premium and Custom Themes over the years and there is no other Theme that is as capable and stable as Suffusion. Well done Sayontan and thank you for distributing the Theme for free!

  12. Suffusion makes a fantastic BuddyPress theme too!

  13. Thank you for all of your beautiful work in building the most impressive set of tools I’ve ever seen and for showing examples of its use in the hands of artists. Really quite remarkable!

    One comment in regards to the above…

    Present link is to the image and not Janus’s website:

  14. Using Suffusion here. A bit vanilla still, but it’s been a great help with keeping things a bit better organized and making them a little easier to maintain. Good work there.

  15. Great theme, we’re using it on our band’s website.

  16. is a community website using suffusion. Just looking for a decent header design!

    • Looked at your site…. nicely done. What did you do to get the rotating images/text in the top widget of your right sidebar? Also, how are your widgets collapsible?


      • Hi Mark. Sorry for the delay in replying. The rotating images/text uses the featured content widget and I thought the collapsable feature came with the last upgrade of Suffusion.


  17. i like this theme,but few fuction i know use,maybe it is writter in english…maybe my knowledge about computer is rarely,,,i want there are someone can teach me ,…

  18. Downloaded suffusion 3 days ago and I’m still on the learning curve. Here’s the site Thank you Sayontan Sinha! +)

  19. I am also using Suffusion. I love it. So far, I could not find any other them that gives me all the options in this theme, and I looked!

    Thank you for your hard work!!!

  20. I like very much your theme!
    I have made a couple with it. Very very good results!

  21. Sayontan,

    Great Theme,…. !!!!
    Latest release is a wonder,….you make my life as a developer, so easy!
    Many thanks for all the ongoing support.
    Regards from Sunny Spain

  22. Suffusion has been the backbone of my site for about 15 months. Satisfied every requirement I could throw at it. And I’m still learning.

  23. I may be a bit late in thanking you for the excellent update, so thanks Sayontan!

  24. I have fell in Love with this team and I use it already for 2 of my sites…

  25. This is the best theme ever! Thanks and more power!

  26. Richard SIsk says:
    I may be a bit late in thanking you for the excellent update, so thanks Sayontan!

    richard, how did you get the follow rss on the left side of the screen. Is that a particular plugin or a setting that I need to do in this theme. Please advise.

  27. Should have mentioned the site is @

  28. Having had my site up since last September or so, I knew it was time for a BIG change! I knew what I envisioned, but I wasn’t sure how to get there.

    Well I saw your theme and thought it was best for what I saw in my “mind”. Today is April 1st, and I am only 24 hours or less into the update.

    Wow! So many options, so I am struggling. Having some issues with the header layout more than anything, but being a novice the options are a bit overwhelming. I know that I will eventually figure it all out, but if anyone wants to visit and make some suggestions, it would sure be appreciated!!

    Either way, I am sure it will end up being first-rate, thanks to your template and your work! Awesome product!



  29. Hello, very good and interesting theme which he himself used in his stronie.I want to take this opportunity to commend my page that I have installed this theme

    Please admins to place screnshota from my blog on this site.

    Once again, thank you for making the theme.

  30. I have zero knowledge about WordPress. When I decided to have my own website, I spent days looking for the best free wp-theme. At first, I was excited about Hybrid. As I explored the thing, I realized my questions were referred to the members’ forum, my membership of which would require a very minimal amount renewable yearly. Continued reference to the so-called forum, every time I needed some tutorial, gave me the impression that Hybrid has a string attached to it, the so-called “fee room.” Its identity as a free theme is therefore questionable.

    “Evolve” then became my second choice, but I couldn’t accept its aggressive looks–as if it is mad at me. I came to know Suffusion by trial and error method. Its presentation on the site isn’t so impressive, hence I downloaded it last. Today, I am not through exploring this theme yet, but I know Suffusion will be my pw-Theme for many years to come. Thank you so much Sayontan. Your name will live for a very long time. Thanks. jpe

  31. A brand new website online for only 2 days : ! So still under construction but already looks great… Thanks to your amazing theme !

  32. I’m still working my way through all the options in this theme but I really like it. Well done.

  33. Thanks to your theme I created this great website exactly as I wanted it to look like ! Thank you ! 🙂

  34. Have Suffusion Magazine template on my site and I am wondering how to get a featured post at the very top of the site, before (or after) headlines. I may even drop the headlines all together when I can have a featured post at the top. The instruction says I could have it but I can’t find how. Thanks a lot, Cheshmandaz

  35. Tried again and again to install the Magzine template. Not successful so far because I think I am failing to install JQuery Cycle Plugin. Without that, texts of the featured 3 posts overlap… I need a tech savvy colleague to help me download that plugin since it’s not in the WP system. I don’t know who could help me download it…

  36. Sounds like I am talking to myself. Hello? WP has an application to install .zip files. I tried it. But the plugin Sayontan recommends for Magzine (iQuery Cycle) doesn’t open because it says “Access Denied.” We tried with a tech fellow. Transfer via FTP also denied.

    • Sounds like I am talking to myself. Hello?

      Yes, you would be talking to yourself. Technical issues are not supported through these pages – you know better than to ask here. Please post your queries on the support forum. If you do get a response here, it is more due to an exception rather than a rule.

      WP has an application to install .zip files. I tried it. But the plugin Sayontan recommends for Magzine (iQuery Cycle) doesn’t open because it says “Access Denied.”

      You seem to be confusing between several things. I don’t recommend any plugin for Magazine. JQuery Cycle is a JQuery plugin not a WP plugin, and it is already bundled with the theme.

      Please post subsequent queries on the forum.

  37. Status: Resolving address of \
    Status: Connection attempt failed with “EAI_NONAME – Neither nodename nor servname provided, or not known”.
    Error: Could not connect to server

  38. East Coast FM’s site has just gone live at Thanks to Sayontan and his versatile theme I have managed to please all of the volunteers involved with this Community Radio Station. The whole setup here at Aquoid is fantastic with support coming quickly on the forum. It’s an amasing resource and one that I hope to use with other community groups in the future. All the best from one VERY pleased radio station!!

  39. Hi – I just want to say thank you Sayontan. I personally think Suffusion is a really good theme, it cuts out any requirements for technical know how, and allows you to experiment quickly to get the look you want.
    My site FruitbatTv perhaps won’t work well on a slow connection or old computer and maybe a little garish. It is though exactly how I want it to look and I would not have been able to easily achieve this without Suffusion.

  40. I’m using Suffusin on Pulp Juicer and love it 🙂 Thank you.

  41. Nice theme for WP,I am using it on my new is the url:,Thanks.

  42. … and I have to add my words of appreciation and high satisfaction to Sayontan’s Suffusion theme. Really a great theme for dummies like me. Thanks, Cheshmandaz

  43. First of all I want to thank you for this theme. But I got two problems/ questions. 😉

    1. Since the last upgrade I’m a little bit confused about the management. The thing is: I have a german spoken site and on every multiple-pages-post there’s the “Pages: 1,2,3…” (and so on)-navigation. How can I change this “Pages” into the german word “Seite:”? Or can I remove this name completely (to show just “1,2,3…9,10,11”) ?

    2. You’ve created this awsome “now reading”-template. I really love it. But I’d like to use the “Now watching”- Plugin too and the original “nw”-template doesn’t work with Suffusion. Unfortunately I’m definately not familiar with creating templates or php and my knowledge in english lacks.

    So is there a solution for my probs? And no, I would’nt change the theme, if not. 🙂 But every hint would be appreciated.

    best regards,


  44. A big thanks for this wonderful theme!

  45. Thanks for this great theme.

    I made the website with suffusion theme

  46. I’ve tried Evolve-Forever with quite a few themes but quite honestly, none so great as Suffusion. I have got everything I probably wanted. I’m not good at web development or anything like that and therefore I may have still not made full use of, but what I’ve got is just what I have been impatiently searching for, for quite some time.

    Thanks for this amazing template. : )

  47. Amazing theme! I’m using Suffusion on my site. Check it out —

    I so love the look! Thanks so much! 🙂

  48. Sayontan, Fantastic theme that make my life as a developer so
    much easier!!! And in any language of my choice.
    Brio Frutta Spagna. Specialisti nel
    settore spagnolo coltivazione e la commercializzazione, dall’inizio alla fine.
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    Regards From Sunny Spain

  49. Thanks Sayontan for the Amazing Theme.

  50. I use Suffusion on my site


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