Obviously this site uses Suffusion. Over the past few months I have come across a few sites using Suffusion that have been extremely good with it

Wolfsgeheul -

Wolfsgeheul -

Are you using Suffusion on a site of yours? You could post a link here if you are (no links to adult websites please!)

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  2. I am in finishing phase of my website, I am using suffusion:

    The possibilities with this theme are endless. Thank You for developing such a fantastic theme.

  3. I created the music label website for Pop Quiz (electronic avant garde from the Canadian Prairies) at

  4. please welcome my blue site

  5. Am using it on Naira Recipes and Our Daily Yarn

  6. I run a medical marijuana news site in California, and I tried several WP themes before choosing Suffusion. I still like to try new themes from time to time as my abilities and needs evolve, but I always seem to come back to Suffusion. It’s simple, powerful, user-friendly and especially useful for tinkerers like me who lack HTML/CSS skills but still want to make frequent changes.

    Just like the admin panel says, DON’T PANIC!! Suffusion is great!

  7. Finaly i got everything right building my photoblog on a IIS server. Suffusion is a fantastic theme, everything you need is there. I have all pictures on Picasa and use Sashin plugin to link the pictures to my photoblog

  8. I’m using Suffusion at this site. I switched to Weaver but came back to Suffusion and find that it still provides all the versatility I need.
    Thanks for a great theme

  9. I use suffusion on and I couldn’t be more happy !

  10. I absolutely love suffusion, and this is the only Theme I use,
    I have ainternet marketing product reviewssite I had to customize greatly and have learn so much on the process thanks to Sayotan’s support.
    Sayontan has done a great job here, and keeps upgrading and updating the theme on regular basis,
    Plus, his support forum always offers great solution,

  11. Sayontan,

    Thank you for this fantastic theme,…
    I have used the new Photonique skin on this one and it works really well.

    Best Reagards
    Laptop Entrepreneur

  12. Great template. I really enjoy working with it. Thanks for your work.

  13. I use the theme here:

  14. I’ve been using Suffusion for a while and have recently moved from a dark skin over to Minima which works great for gallery/collecting sites –

  15. This is my first time to ask somebody a question in my soso English.
    Here’s my Q:
    Theme: Suffusion – 3.9.4
    I could not change the sidebar’s backgroud-color. Must I DIY this theme’s “style.css” by myself?? Or you have already set some toggles(or switchers) to get that. Longing for your advices…I am so sorry to ask you such a dumb question.

    • Li Zhang, You should ask this question on the Support Forum. Basically you put some custom CSS in
      Suffusion Options > Backend > Custom Includes > Custom Styles. You just set the Bacground to whatever colour that you want.

  16. Thanks to you for writing such a great theme and making it available for free.I have recently started using it on my website.

  17. I love your Theame and I use it for my Modern Furniture Blog

    • Hi B2Modern –

      Your site looks great! Can you tell me how you did the following:
      – Removed the border from the wrapper
      – Added the Feature Content in the Slider

      Thanks so much!

      • Shazia,

        I didn’t remove the border on the wrapper but I am using the Minima Theme which doesn’t put the border around it.

        Also, I used pages for the featured content slider that forwarded to an alternate URL using a plug in called Page Links To. I created the slides, uploaded them to the media library, then put the link in the Featured Image space. Then in the section for featured content I enabled only the main page under Where to Show and I enabled the specific pages under What to Show. Make sure you hide the recent and sticky posts under What to Show as well.

  18. I use it,love it and I try to get others to use it as well.

  19. Great theme,
    Even for first timers

  20. Word Murder columnists use this theme for their website…
    Thanks from the boys at Word Murder!

  21. This one aswell:

  22. A work in progress, but it sure has been fun, albeit time-consuming… I’m glad that I found other people using the theme.

    I’m using it on all of my other sites and sub-domains (except for splash pages) but the one I linked above is the one I’ve done the most work on.

    Anyone have examples of using the “Magazine” template?

    •, we don’t use the magazine template as it had some limitations, but the rest of the template can be used like a magazine, like Word Murder, we have the front page set up like a magazine with posts, categories, and tag pages that are different. Very versatile theme!

      • Was just checking out the site. That is pretty much what I was looking for for my “splash” page on my personal site since I have so many subdomains.

        Is your front page all done within suffusion or did you use any plugins to achieve the look (ie. the headline box at the top and the thumbnail type article boxes below.)



        • the headline box is just the featured post slider that comes with the theme that I enabled for the homepage which was done with 3 columns (as opposed to 2 for the rest), the thumbnail boxes are the tiles function for the homepage, all done with the theme. I found messing around with the TEMPLATE section of the theme can help with that, as well as just the Other Graphical Elements section. Is that what you meant and hope that helps.

  23. Suffusion theme is a complete and flexible package for WordPress users,, It has all the features any one can think to customize his website..

    I am using Suffusion with my blog:

  24. I am using Suffusion for a number of sites. I am very much an amateur at web design and web management. I manage a few sites as a I hobby. I have to say I love this theme. Easy to use. Lots of customization made accessible through the user interface. I am barely scratching the surface of what you can do with this theme.

    Here is one example using it for the local high schools swim team:

    LHS Swim & Dive Team

    And I bought Sayontan a coffee.

  25. Great theme, thanks a lot! I use it for the site for my new project and just finished the layout:

  26. Here is my site. Still a work in progress.

  28. I love ‘Suffusion’. I’m not bad at CSS but ‘Suffusion’ makes life so much easier. Thank you.

  29. Very nice look. Your’s is the first example I’ve seen that takes advantage of the header as a place for a widget. I think that I’ll do the same thing. One question. Are you using a magazine template for your front page? I’ve tried that but nothing showed up and I was hoping to find someone that can give some advice or tips on that.

    Thanks a lot.


    P.S. I like the slider image banner at the top as well.

  30. My first theme, and still running :).

    We use the theme as a News Section called from a main website. It is very basic, nothing fancy, the important thing is speed, since WordPress by itself is slow (unlike a regular website), and of course ease of use.

    Anyway, love it, and here is where we use it :

  31. Sto usando suffusion in questo sito. Bellissimo tema e funzionale.

  32. it’s a great theme…

  33. Here´s the blog by my daughter : Johanna Östlund – swedish speed skater.

    It is build by WP / Suffusion and still under development.

    We´ve tried to use the Magazine tempelate – especially Slider show – but haven´t any success in that yet.
    Some Video add ons doesn’t work proportly so we are going to use embedded Youtube video.
    Some Photo galleries doesn’t work proportly etither so we link to Jalbum.

    Suggestions ?

  34. Any chance of you translating that into layman’s terms for those of us who have no idea what you just said? Because I’ve had the same problems. That’s why I’m using a different theme for my splash page and quite frankly, I don’t like the lack of support with the other theme I’m using.



    Also, a suggestion for the admin of this site. If you had the newest comments at the top, we wouldn’t have to scroll through all the other comments to get here. Having old comments at the top makes it look like there hasn’t been any action here in a long time. Not many people like to read through a ton of comments unless they are part of the discussion. Other than that, great work!

  35. Also, I just realized that you are the creator of this theme. BRAVO!!! I was so overwhelmed at how much this theme completely overshadows ever other theme I’ve seen on WordPress. It’s like having a premium theme at your finger tips. So far, it’s (nearly) everything I’ve been looking for in a theme… Now I’m just trying to create a stunning splash page since I have so many sub-domains.

    Thank You!


    • You are absolutely right about Suffusion. I also bought a premium or was it 2. That was back when I didn’t have a clue about HTML. I still don’t but the help forum has been great. I saw your site and subscribed.

  36. I’ve been using Suffusion for two years now. I have watched as Sayontan has added feature after feature to the theme, and the setup pages grew. I’m a simple blogger and I wondered if Suffusion was “overkill” for my needs. My blog’s load time, as measured by pingdom, also increased last October.

    During a moment of delirium over the New Year’s Eve weekend, I spent money on a “premium” WP theme, with a “minimalist” look.

    Five days later I’ve restored my blog’s theme to Suffusion.

    What I’ve learned is that there is nothing that Suffusion cannot do, include being “minimalist”. My blog’s load time was not improved with the other theme, so I need to look elsewhere for the increased load time: plug-ins, CDN setup, or maybe even my hosting service.

    The featured post slider in the “premium” theme sucked. That is the feature I most need. This a great way to bring important posts to new visitors’ attention, regardless of when the posts were written.

    The premium theme was unrefundable. I cannot, in good conscience, continue to use Suffusion without “buying another cup of coffee” for Sayontan.

    I don’t regret trying to find something better, but I’m sharing this in case anyone else is ever tempted. Save your money… or better yet, support honest, open source developers like Sayontan!

  37. What do you think?

  38. We have used Suffusion for this site

    We were so pleased we have made a donation already and hope other reward this great work quickly. We hope to use it again soon, in fact we are looking for example of use for books right now.


  39. i love suffusion its mine

  40. I’m using Suffusion at this site dedicated to robottoys collection and review.

  41. Many thanks for Suffusion theme: a great, great theme!!! Visit: (an italian photography web site). Best regards.

  42. A French one. Thanks Suffusion and WordPress) ! Any advice welcome.

  43. RSS feeds archive for news, jobs and deals in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand:

  44., ac ollege tips & tricks site. Thanks for the great theme! I was using Atahualpa, but that theme just got weird for me. Lovin it man!

  45. Thought you might be interested in what we have done with your WordPress Theme at

    Great theme with almost everything we need!

    Cheers Buddy x

  46. I use your AMAZING theme on a little fishing website I run called The Functioning Fishaholics

    What a great platform. Thank you for your hard work!

  47. I used Suffusion for my wife’s web site. Changed a lot of the css, and changed the PHP for the social sites a bit, but Suffusion was a really great framework to work with.

    uniquely Brandid

    Hope you like it.

  48. CasaLaSafor is now a Suffusion Convert,…
    Thanks again for this amazing theme.
    Regards from Sunny Spain

  49. Great theme, Can you please tell me how to reduce the space between different sections of the template. For example on my website there is a huge space below the header and also below the widget area under header. can anyone help please.

  50. I use Suffusion on all my websites, as I find it’s the best theme for my needs. You can do almost anything with the custom includes in the back end settings, and this makes it great for my needs as a designer. I often use suffusion when designing WP sites for friends and family, and we’ve all bought Sayontan many cups of coffee!

    If you would like to take a look at four different uses of the theme, my gateway is here. I have two blogs, a photoblog and my design site on this domain

    • Seriously, seriously cool! After I have released version 4.0.0, I am going to build a showcase plugin so that folks such as you can submit your sites to it. It is a shame to have such sites buried in comments.

    • Certainly a fresh look on layout, I will have lookin to how you used the theme to do that as it’s very interesting. Don’t suppose you would consider sending me you props export ?

      Thought it ran a bit slow so if you don’t have these already you might concider adding them to your htaccess file;

      AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html text/plain text/xml text/css text/javascript
      AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml application/xhtml+xml application/rss+xml
      AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript application/x-javascript
      BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4 gzip-only-text/html
      BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4\.0[678] no-gzip
      BrowserMatch \bMSI[E] !no-gzip !gzip-only-text/html
      ExpiresActive On
      ExpiresDefault A300
      ExpiresByType image/x-icon A2592000
      ExpiresByType application/x-javascript A3600
      ExpiresByType text/css A3600
      ExpiresByType image/gif A604800
      ExpiresByType image/png A604800
      ExpiresByType image/jpeg A604800
      ExpiresByType text/plain A300
      ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash A604800
      ExpiresByType video/x-flv A604800
      ExpiresByType application/pdf A604800
      ExpiresByType text/html A300

      • For some reason it made me post my reply to this as a new comment 🙂 Anyhoo, I think the main reason my designs are a bit different is because I make the theme fit the design rather than the other way around! I’m a graphic designer not a coder, so if the code won’t fit, I won’t take no for an answer. This is also why the load time is a bit on the slow side for some.

        And as below in the whole new comment…
        [[[ Thanks for the comments, Handyman! Currently I’m just using custom includes, as most of my viewers aren’t that bothered about load times but I will definitely look into it. As for how I did this with the theme, it’s really a matter of right clicking and inspecting the CSS for each element you want to adjust and overriding in the custom includes file.

        One reason I use this theme is because this is so incredibly easy to do and I don’t have to muck around with creating child themes (I’m exceptionally lazy) ]]]


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