Photonic Version 1.26

I just released version 1.26 of Photonic, capping a few weeks of hectic development. First was the responsive version of Suffusion, then support for Font Squirrel in FontMeister, and now, OAuth2 support in Photonic for authentication in Picasa.

So this version of Photonic features:

  1. Support for private photos in Picasa
    This was a feature that took me quite some time and a few aborted attempts to develop. While Flickr, and SmugMug use OAuth1 for authentication, Picasa uses OAuth2. The mechanisms for authentication differ, and it took me quite some time to figure out how to work with OAuth2. Thanks to Marcel Bokhorst, a suffurer, whose Add Links to Facebook plugin uses OAuth2 authentication. Marcel was gracious to help me with some OAuth2 concepts, which I have been able to put to use here.
    To enable private photo setup for Picasa:
    1. Go to the Google API Console.
    2. Create a “Client ID for web applications”. For the “Redirect URI” remember to include the URL of your WP homepage. E.g In my case the URI was
    3. Go to Settings → Photonic → Picasa → Picasa Settings, and put in your new Client ID and Client Secret.
    4. On the same screen enable private photo access and save.

    Now when you visit a page with Picasa photos, it will show a box to log in. Without logging in that page will show all photos with public access, but once you log in you will be able to see private photos as well, to which you have been given access.

  2. Ability to show single photos in
    Just like single photos in Flickr, you can now show single photos from The syntax is simple:
    [gallery type='500px' view='photos' view_id='4041547']

    This will show a single photo. The above shows a photo by Colin:

    The API for is no longer available for public use.
  3. More skins for Colorbox
    I have added a few other Colorbox skins. You can pick any that you like, from Settings → Photonic → Generic Options → JS Library Settings.

The reason I am excited about this release is that I can now consider integrating Instagram and potentially Facebook.

As usual, if you like this release, please do consider leaving a review for Photonic.

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