Photonic Version 1.54 – Lightweight Gesture Support, Translations

I have just released version 1.54 of Photonic. This is a minor version with the following changes:

  1. I changed the added gesture script for PrettyPhoto, Colorbox and Fancybox from TouchSwipe to TouchWipe. This started out as a leap of faith, given that TouchWipe doesn’t work on its homepage itself, but in the end it was easier than I had expected. Switching to TouchWipe saves over 10KB of JavaScript, and I was able to bundle this within Photonic’s main script itself, thereby removing the option for enabling touch support. As of now, each of the abovementioned lightboxes is touch-enabled.
  2. While adding the support for authkey for Picasa albums I had forgotten to add this in the shortcode generator. This has been remedied.
  3. I added the “Text Domain” tag to the theme’s readme file. This makes it possible for contributors to do translations directly on

I also submitted a small updated to Suffusion, mainly to correct some issues on responsive layouts. That hasn’t been approved yet, but should be, hopefully soon.

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