Photonic Version 1.55 – Streamlined Popups, Password-Protected Smugmug Albums

Version 1.55 of Photonic is now live. The following are the changes:

  1. Earlier, password-protected albums on Smugmug would display only for authenticated users. Now, if you simply pass the password attribute, your album will display.
  2. The Smugmug module now supports the site_password attribute as well.
  3. Translations are now officially supported via the WordPress site for the plugin.
  4. There were often complaints about the popup dialog that used to show up for images was not working correctly. Moreover it was fixed width, and did not do well with mobile devices. So I replaced it with a largely self-authored modal script (based on the animatedModal.js script), which changes this to more of an overlaid panel rather than a popup. Since it took less than a day of coding I am surprised I didn’t do it earlier. The following are the highlights of the current popup:
    • The width is no longer given in pixels, but it takes a percentage. By default the popup will be at 80% of the window width.
    • Earlier the popup used to display multiple “screens”. That has been done away with, entirely. All images show up in the same screen now, and you have the ability to scroll down to view them.
  5. By using my own modal script I was able to significantly optimize the overall JS (about a 30% reduction in its size).

Let me know if you encounter any issues.

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