Photonic Version 1.60 – Load More, and Lightcase

Version 1.60 of Photonic is now out. This version has the following updates:

  1. “Count” support in SmugMug
    Photonic interfaces for all providers have had a capability to restrict the number of photos pulled. Flickr has per_page, Google Photos / Picasa max_results, Zenfolio limit, 500px rpp (results per page), and Instagram count. The big exception to this rule was SmugMug, because SmugMug API v1.3 didn’t support this capability. However, API v2 supports it, and oversight on my part while implementing it for Photonic v1.57 caused me to skip it. This has been rectified, and now you can get a specified number of photos for SmugMug.
  2. “Load More”
    The above capability has made it easy for me to provide a “Load More” feature. Let’s say your album has 355 photos, and you want to display 100 photos in the beginning so as to not overwhelm your site’s visitors. Photonic so far lacked a capability to display the remaining photos on the same page. You can now pass an additional more parameter to the shortcode, which Photonic then knows to interpret as being asked to show a button. Whatever value you pass to the parameter will become the text of the button. So, more='Load More' will show a button with text “Load More”, while more='More …' will show a button with text “More …”.

    This feature uses “lazy loading”, so unless you click on the button the new batch of 100 photos (or whatever your count parameter specified) will not be fetched from the server, and the old set of existing photos will not be re-fetched.

  3. Lightcase Lightbox Support
    I have added support for the Lightcase lightbox script. This script is a bit heavy (25KB minified) compared to the last 2 scripts I added support for (Swipebox and Image Lightbox) and it requires third-party touch plugins, but it looks pretty nice. I did some optimization on the CSS (16KB), which originally used a custom font that added quite a few KB and files to the volume, and replaced it with CSS animations for the icons.
  4. I have fixed a bug with the “Image Lightbox” script wherein if interim popups were enabled, clicking on an image in the interim popup wouldn’t show the lightbox.

Enjoy the update!

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