Photonic Version 2.24 – Better Google Photos Behaviour

I have released version 2.24 of Photonic. This is a minor release with some mid-size changes:

  1. Improved Google Photos behaviour
    Google has the worst-in-class limits on how many photos and albums you can retrieve in one shot, and Photonic has a policy of not making calls to get the remainder of the photos in an automated manner. The challenge this was presenting was that if a user was passing the filter attribute to get a filtered list of albums, and if the albums are old, Photonic’s logic would fail to fetch any albums. I have modified this functionality so that if you explicitly provide a list of albums, Photonic will fetch all of them. Bear in mind that if you pass too many albums to the filter, your server will reach a request length limit, so use this with caution!
    I have also added the capability to control what to show for the title (really, whether or not to show the title) under Photonic → Settings → Google Photos → Google Photos settings → Photo titles and captions.
  2. There was a bug where the shortcode builder was requiring a SmugMug API key. This shouldn’t be happening any longer.
  3. I added a little piece of optimization code to the editor, where, if the Classic Editor’s visual mode is not active, a JavaScript template will not be loaded.

Hope you enjoy this release!

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