Photonic Version 2.46 – Instagram oEmbed, jQuery Migrate

I released version 2.46 of Photonic a couple of hours back. Contrary to what I was planning for the release, this ended up being a much smaller patch to address a few things:

  1. Instagram oEmbed Deprecation
    I have often railed at Facebook for making things needlessly complicated when it comes to Instagram. In this latest episode they disabled the oEmbed functionality that they had. For those not familiar, the oEmbed functionality let you get the look of Instagram on a different website. They have now shifted the oEmbed functionality to a walled garden that needs significant coding and approval changes for users to be able to use it. The deprecation also broke websites using this feature, and Photonic was no exception. This patch of Photonic removes references to oEmbed and uses the more traditional methods of calling the Instagram API.
  2. jQuery Migrate Cord-Cutting
    In June 2019 I had removed all code in Photonic that relied on the jQuery Migrate script. This script enables themes and plugins using deprecated jQuery code written for older versions to function on sites using a new version of jQuery. So I was pretty well equipped to handle things when WP removed jQuery Migrate from version 5.5. However, it turns out that there was a remnant of code in Photonic that wouldn’t work with newer jQuery versions – this code existed in the Authentication page, and specifically for Google Photos. This patch of Photonic corrects this error.
  3. Fancybox3 Looping
    I made a small correction to the Fancybox3 integration to respect the setting that allows users to loop from the end of a set of photos to the start.

Happy photoblogging!