Photonic Version 2.65 – More Modularization, Bug Fixes

I have just released version 2.65 of Photonic. This is an evolutionary release, with the following changes:

  1. Bug Fixes – The following items have been fixed:
    1. Flickr photo searches for “All users” were not working; only user and group-specific searches were working.
    2. “Dynamic height” option in the slideshow was not sizing to the tallest image if count was more than 1.
    3. GLightbox was not working for level 2 displays (albums etc.) in the JS load mode.
    4. A lightbox setting of “none” was resulting in a JS error.
    5. The “more” button was showing up in Instagram even if not specified.
  2. Changes – Continuing with my efforts to make the code more modular and extensible, the following changes have been made:
    1. Minor CSS and data attribute changes to reduce the size of generated content.
    2. Code has been refactored for gallery elements to lend more structure to them.

Hope you enjoy this release!