Bragging Rights

Suffusion has been around for a while now at Over time it has garnered some pretty nice reviews, some of which are posted as comments on this site and some others that are on other sites. I decided to take this opportunity to put together a collection of snippets from different reviews.

When I looked at the Theme Options (which are properly displayed under the "Appearance" tab) my eyes almost popped out! The features are ENDLESS, so many that it is intimidating at first! Other themes that I have seen lack the most basic features (such as the ability to replace their logo with yours), but with this theme you can change literally ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. You have a color palette picker for your colors, a set of pre-defined color themes, ability to add, change, append CSS, JavaScript, RSS etc without ever having to look at a line of code, sizes, fonts, sidebars and so much more.

I am VERY IMPRESSED and THANKFUL that somebody understood the importance of giving a user the ability to fully customize a theme if they are making the theme available online for download.

– Excerpt from a review titled MOST FLEXIBLE AND POWERFUL WordPress Theme I have ever seen!” at by Marc Urselli

I must add here that Marc’s customization of Suffusion is simply awesome. Check his site out from the link to his name, if you don’t believe me! Then there was this review at JournalXtra:

We WordPress bloggers are a funny lot: we style our sites with a theme, we edit it to get it how we want it, we think it’s perfect and then we see another theme that’s even more perfect so we start over again. Some of us even go so far as to learn to create our own “perfect” themes only to decide that the next pre-made one we see is even better. I suppose we just get bored very quickly. Well I know I do. And I get very annoyed with myself because each time I use a new theme I have to set it up to work with my plugins, ad server, widgets and content styling. So it was an absolute pleasure to find a very customizable theme that keeps my settings even after it’s been updated by the theme’s creator. It’s called Suffusion and has more options than a Jumbo Jet’s cockpit has buttons. Thankfully, it comes with a guide that has those immortal words “Don’t Panic” written on it in big red letters.

– Excerpt from a review by Dion de Ville at JournalXtra 

There are a few others from

Just finished trying a series of paid themes. None offered the ease of customization, fine support and many features of this free theme. I had just 1 issue, and it was easily resolved by a visit to the theme’s forum and a quick search.

Congratulations Sayontan! You do pretty work.
Looking forward to more great themes from you – thanks so much!

Review posted by WP user “jimcoe”

Here is this one from the web from someone who considers Suffusion to be his (her?) favourite after Constructor:

If it wasn’t for my liking of Constructor, then Suffusion would be my favorite theme. For a WordPress theme, Suffusion has a great degree of customization that allows for each of your Adsense blogs to have an unique look without having to learn a new theme. It has a fixed-width design that can include one, two, or three columns. It comes with ten pre-defined templates with over 16 different color schemes. It is loaded with extras like a featured post section, magazine layout, multi-level drop-down menus and built-in widgets for social networks like Twitter and Google translation. It also has a great community of support for those needing help tweaking Suffusion.
I would highly recommend Suffusion for those who want a dependable WordPress theme to use with all your websites.

Review by Bahoomian

Here is yet another one:

At first, I used the theme only for sales sites. Later, as I found myself with a bit more time to explore the options offered by Suffusion, I started to experiment with it for the purpose it had been created for, a blog theme. I could write an entire E-book on using the options available with Suffusion, but since I don’t have the space for that here, I’ll stick to the high points.

Review from the Power Graphics Blog

There are quite a few others, both at and on the web in general. Reviews such as this do make me happy – nothing works better than appreciation from your users, after all.

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