Photonic Version 1.01

Thanks to all of you who submitted bug reports for Photonic. I have released a small patch (version 1.01) with 2 changes: The JS and CSS files in the admin panel were getting included in other admin pages – that has been fixed. I included the missing translation file, photonic.po. Thanks.

Photonic Version 1.00

Finally, after several weeks of effort I was able to push the first version of Photonic out! It is now available for download from WordPress. I had to drop some features, like some JS libraries, but at least I could get it working to a very large extent. Also, unlike Suffusion, I hope to keep […]

Suffusion BuddyPress Pack Version 1.02

Version 1.02 of Suffusion BuddyPress Pack is now available. If you are a BuddyPress user you are encouraged to download this plugin from the official plugins repository. I have added support for the following third-party plugins, based on requests from users: BuddyPress Links Jet Event System for BuddyPress Note that some stylesheet changes will be […]

Suffusion BuddyPress Pack is Now Out

The first release of the Suffusion BuddyPress Pack is now available from WordPress. Do give it a try and let me know how you like it. I have updated the instructions on the plugin page. Please use the support forum for any questions you might have.

Update on the Suffusion BuddyPress Pack

I have completed adding the finishing touches to the official plugin for the Suffusion BuddyPress Pack, to be distributed from the WordPress site. I am currently waiting for access to the SVN repository at WordPress so that I can upload the plugin. Once I have the access the plugin should be readily available. You will […]