Photonic Gallery

The following is a Photonic album. If you are seeing this text, it means that you are seeing a valid Photonic gallery.

The page corresponding to this has been defined in the options, under Photonic → Settings → Generic Options → Photo Template → Dedicated page to use for gallery display.

The actual WordPress page behind this is titled “Photonic Gallery”, however what you are seeing is the title of the album that you are trying to view. This can be configured via the option Page title display on the same Settings page.

Additionally, if your album supports a description, you can either append the description of that album to this text, or replace it altogether with the album description (via the option Page content display on the same Settings page). What you have been reading is the content associated with the WordPress page. Any words below the horizontal line are coming from the description of the album.

If you are seeing a “Show More” button, that is coming from the photos_more attribute of the shortcode.

You are trying to display a gallery, but no input was provided.