Privacy Policy

Photonic is a WordPress plugin providing registered users of Flickr, SmugMug, Google Photos, Picasa, Zenfolio and Instagram (i.e. the photo service providers) an ability to display photos from these on their WordPress websites.

This Privacy Policy describes how and when Photonic collects, uses and shares your information when you use the plugin. Your installation of Photonic receives your information through the photo service providers’ APIs. Depending on the provider the authentication token information is stored on your installations. This is used to fetch other information for display on your site. All other information is transient and not stored by the plugin, either in your installation or elsewhere.

The token retrieved by Photonic only has the minimal permissions and scope required to read basic profile information and view content. It does not follow, post, like, share or comment on any content on your behalf. This access token is unique to you, and is not saved anywhere apart from your own WordPress installation.

Photonic neither collects internally, nor phones back, nor shares your information with any third-party. Ever.