Obviously this site uses Suffusion. Over the past few months I have come across a few sites using Suffusion that have been extremely good with it

Wolfsgeheul -

Wolfsgeheul -

Are you using Suffusion on a site of yours? You could post a link here if you are (no links to adult websites please!)

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  1. Love your theme…thanks for authoring it!

    I’ve just launched my site Conquer Chronic Pain



    I was one of the very 1st to start using this it.

  3. Here’s a newly-minted Suffusion website we made for our partner, still loving it :

    We used the Magazine template, Custom Layouts, Featured Content, Megamenus, Suffusion Shortcodes

    Reliable theme !

  4. I just switched (back) to Suffusion because of it’s compatibility with Simple:Press. I was able to not only mimic the design of my prior theme (which I quite liked), I improved the look and feel of my site: balance coaching.

  5. Excellent theme as always.

    Our latest website using Suffusion, simple but love the backend.

    Features used are :

    Magazine template
    Custom Layout
    Suffusion Shortcodes
    Featured Content

  6. Love your theme. Switched from b2evolution to WordPress aand thought that Suffusion offered the best front/back-end to support what we wanted. Have utilised a two news column approach plus sidebars on the main page. You may find it interesting.

  7. I went through about twenty wordpress themes, until I found Suffusion. It’s the only one I’ve found that is worth using! All of the others give me a bleeding headache.

  8. Suffusion is my “go to” template since you can do almost whatever you dream about 🙂

    CLICK HERE to discover my last suffusion creation :

  9. I really like Suffusion and have had it in my blog for quite a long time now. I change appearences now and then. In small ways. Easy to do =)

    Thanx for a really good theme!


  10. Wonderful theme that I have been using since aug 2013 for my photography.
    Leif Bength

  11. I am using Suffision for my website about my 17000 km cycling tour from holland to Thailand. I do this also for collecting money for a Kiwanis/UNICEF programm to eleminate tetanus and a small organization called Future Kids Ghana. Please take a look, it is in Dutch but there is a google translate button on the front page.
    Bert van der Kroft

  12. I’ve been using the Arras theme, but it’s not supported anymore – and it’s not responsive, so I had to find a replacement. Suffuison has it all – including a somewhat steep learning curve 😉 – but it’s extremely flexible and there is a lot of help to find in the forum. Thanks to the developer!

  13. I’m running suffusion on 4 of the sites I’m showing on my portfolio of websites. I’ve found that the huge number of options is huge boost to my design needs.
    here are the sites:

  14. About to go live with another ‘suffusuion’ website:

    Suffusion is still one of the best themes around!

  15. Hey there,

    Just want to drop by to show off our suffusion based website 😉 I really love the theme and almost use it to the max, extended with some necessary plugins. This website I made for my stepfather who is an artist, at the moment I am making my own for the movie making and journalism I do. I started with an other theme than suffusion, but more and more I am missing the functionallity of Suffusion. So big chance I’m going to change it to Suffusion on my website also 😉

    Here is my stepfathers website:

  16. My minimalist website with rich suffusion:

  17. I have 3 websites made with Sufussion, http://fh-art and It’s remarkable that it’s that good and still free. Thank you so much <3

  18. And now with the actual link. Sorry for that 😉

  19. We arme also Issing this theme:

  20. Custom widgets were used for the home page to create a look and feel closer to current design trends. The control and functionality of Suffusion cannot be beat.

  21. A truly brilliant theme, and difficult to believe it’s free!

    I run the community website for Poole Heart Support Group, and have been using Suffusion since February 2013.

    Thanks so much for such a great theme!

  22. Love the theme too. Kept it at the most basic until I am more familiar with it.
    Check out

  23. I’ve been using Suffusion on Books on the Knob and some of my other sites for several years now.

  24. I’m using your perfect theme.
    I think it’s the best free wordpress theme.

  25. Thank you for the theme! It was a pleasure to use and very easy to manipulate for our needs!

  26. I’ve been using Suffusion for a long time and am very much at home and comfortable using it – to the point that I have built very acceptable emergency sites that were acceptably operational within a couple of hours (something I couldn’t even do with the standard WP themes).

    So imagine my horror at finding Suffusion has been refused acceptance – 5 months after the current release!!! – among other things for not using the customiser. If there is one feature of WordPress that really p*$$es me off, it is the abominable Customizer. WP would be a lot better off without this insulting feature.

    As for translation ready, hmmmm – don’t think that is such a great problem… The many thousands (millions?) of installation running Suffusion would seem to refute that argument!

    Sorry to see you go – I doubt I will find anything as practical nor presentable as Suffusion.

    I’d like to buy you one more coffee…

  27. I use suffusion for my gym’s website:

    With the theme no longer available, can we still continue to use it or would it be best to find a theme that will continue to be updated?

  28. I like lots of options to personalize Suffusion. From time to time I change looks of my page to make it more preety. Great job and my page is . And second one with minima (great option) .