Obviously this site uses Suffusion. Over the past few months I have come across a few sites using Suffusion that have been extremely good with it

Wolfsgeheul -

Wolfsgeheul -

Are you using Suffusion on a site of yours? You could post a link here if you are (no links to adult websites please!)

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  1. I use the theme here:

    Cheers, Connie

  2. Yep, using Sufusion.

  3. I am using it on two of my sites

  4. i use it Cheers man ! many thanks from Romania

  5. I have been using it since November and have 2.6 but want to upgrade…just nervous of things screwing up! Anyway, I love it…

  6. I’ve converted many of my sites to it. My main mainstream site is which I change the appearance of every month. Thankfully Suffusion is fantastic at allowing sites to be easily configured.

  7. hehe thx for Linking my page and for making such a good template that I had such a fun to use it!

  8. I used the Suffusion theme on the blog page for this site:

    Since the blog was an afterthought by my client, I was glad to find a theme so malleable. I was easily able to make it look like it was part of this site.

  9. Bravo! très beau thème, tranduit en plus en Français. Merci!

  10. CineMEH. is up and running and powered by suffusion.

  11. I have just upgraded another site to this theme.

  12. Tried a couple of paid templates for photographers, but none was as capable as your theme.
    And yours is free. Well.. i do owe you a coffee… or 7… 🙂
    Thx… This is the site i’ve converted to suffusion.

  13. Thank you for the great template and the super support!

  15. I am very happy with your theme. I cannot find words to express how happy and satisfied I am. I thank you very much for the thought you have put into it. I do have a problem which most likely may have nothing to do with your theme. I have tried several times to add some widgets in the sidebar. Every time I try I am unsuccessful. Sometimes in my attempts I loose everything on my sidebar, however, they return when I deactivate the plugin. The most recent was the Sem Subscribeme. Can you give me some information as to why this is happening. My site is

  16. Wanted to share a bit, what is possible with suffusion. I really customized the … out of it. It is just a GREAT starting point!!! Thanks sayontan. I refreshed our whole Webportal for youthministry at

    Most of it (example is based on suffusion. Only the community (Buddypress) and the Startpage is something different.

    The credit is a bit longer in the “impressum”.

    Thanks again!!!!

    PS: I just updated another page with your theme here: – people already love it alot more than the old one (altough I couldn’t resolve the resizing of the featured-content, yet…)

    PS2: Feedback is welcome 🙂

  17. Thank you for the invitation to add my site to the showcase and, more importantly, thank you for the outstanding theme and terrific support.

    Anything Goes Gourmet

  18. Wow… some great sites in the showcase here! Suffusion is indeed an extremely versatile theme. Many thanks to Sayontan for all of the hard work he has poured into this!

  19. I use suffusion here:

    The possibilities are endless with these theme. Thank You Sayontan for this awesome theme!!!

  20. I use Suffusion on my site
    Thanks a lot to this wonderful theme.

  21. Great theme. Bit struggling with all the options but we love it!


  22. I would like to thank you for providing this great theme. Our website provide Asian Movie news so this one is just perfect for us.

  23. I never believed that I could set up a site without the help of a professional. This has been made possible with the Suffusion Theme, the main advantage of being able to customize the site due to its different features of the theme. My site is at

  24. Hi ! I would say thanks a lot for your wonderful theme. After searching for thousands of Themes. I satisfied with your theme only. I am using it for my news blog.

    Appreciated !!!

  25. Here’s my recently completed site. Hope you enjoy it and a million times thank you to Sayontan for creating and providing support for such an excellent theme.

  26. a/k/a tech bottle

    This theme is awesome. It’s the best theme for beginners and experts alike.

  27. For a novice like me this theme is made for me. I appreciate all the work that has been put into it.

  28. Fantastic template. Easy to use and superb help. I use it for my blog and love the look and extras included.

  29. The best theme i have found for WordPress. Even some of the pay for themes do not look as good.

    My site is

    I look forward to further updates of this wonderful theme which is easy to use and thats what makes it so good, no html or php knowledge required, just tweak the theme to your hearts delight.

  30. I just finished a site for someone using Suffusion. I am more than impressed with how easy it is to customize. It’s nice to not have to go digging through the stylesheet for simple changes. Check it out if you want.

  31. I can’t believe I have finally created my own site without any outside help (other than your fabulous theme, of course). I am a photographer, not a programmer, so was thrilled to find Suffusion, with all the available settings. I am up and running now and am thrilled with the result.

  32. (or

    Suffusion 3.0.9 (heavily modified with CSS and plugins though).

  33. Running Suffusion latest, layout and design (nav bar, date on posts etc) changes all done via custom CSS implemented through Suffusion “Custom Includes”.

  34. high quality theme, elegant design. used it on my professional blog on climate change for canadian businesses. small donation made as my token of thanks!

  35. We have used the theme suffusion on our new website. Although we are not finnished developing it yet we thought we would take the time to thank Sayontan for developing this wonderful and rich theme.

  36. Using Suffusion already a long time on one of my websites. Today I had the pleasure to see the download counter go to 100,000 when I downloaded the current version 3.4.6. Running without a problem. Great theme, many possibilities. And most important, excellent support.

  37. ABSOLUTELY – the best WP-theme ever! So many variations are possible.

  38. Excellent theme with more than enough options for customization!! 😀

  39. Thank you, thank you thank you!!! This is the only theme I will use or recommend.

    Check out my site at

  40. This is a site I worked on for a client. They are quite pleased:

  41. Great piece of art. Love the theme. I’ve tried tons before finding Suffusion and am very pleased since

  42. I started a blog as a means of informing our clients of what was going on with our Greenville / Upstate based computer, server & network based business. I’m using Suffusion and love it. I guess I should make a contribution to the author because it is so well done and supported.

    Not much to look at yet, but I hope to make it much more interesting as time goes on:

    Thanks for a great theme!

  43. Thanks for a great theme! I retired a few years ago and started blogging last Sept – everything is so new to me. A month ago, I decided to get a domain and take up blogging seriously as my new hobby! I found your theme and just love it! It’s easy to customize and provides so much functionality! Hope I do it justice! Thanks again!

  44. my new page:

    it is information on and impressions of my new home in east germany near the polish border

  45. This theme has got to be the most advanced theme I have ever used in WordPress, keep up the good work and a very big thank you for such a wonderful theme.

  46. Suffusion is the best WordPress theme out there! Lots of cool stuff to configure and all of it just plain works!

    Thanks for deciding to ‘experiment’


  47. My latest Suffusion-powered website is
    I am very proud of all the work that went into this, especially because I was able to seamlessly integrate/wrap non-WP content in WP pages with the Suffusion theme (like the reviews pages or the community pages)
    Let me know what you think

  48. I started an electronics blog with this theme. Very nicely fits. Is there a way to select the font styles of the header? Thanks!

  49. Using Suffusion with my Pop Culture / Entertainment / Media Blog.

    Love the customization options

    Experimenting right now with the magazine layout – about to work in the “Featured Content”

  50. Thanks for your great theme, you can see it working on my site.