Obviously this site uses Suffusion. Over the past few months I have come across a few sites using Suffusion that have been extremely good with it

Wolfsgeheul -

Wolfsgeheul -

Are you using Suffusion on a site of yours? You could post a link here if you are (no links to adult websites please!)

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  1. We use suffusion theme for our site. I think it looks really good!

  2. I love your theme,as one will notice though I am still a rookie as far as what the theme can really do for a site. I still have a lot to do on the site as far as the user experience and the related functionality not to mention refinements in the layoutas well. I have a number of other basic blogs through WordPress that I started about a year ago now. I only wish I had more time to spend in the blogging world….but I find suffusion to have a great many options that I have yet to even explore.

  3. My Site uses your theme. It is a very good theme that a beginner can use and be happy with what you can create as you learn.

  4. love this theme, thank you, will be buying you a cup of coffee soon, my site

  5. Suffusion rocks! Especially here: with buddy press…

  6. Greatest theme.

  7. Sayontan,

    Thanks for the most versatile and flexable WordPress theme.

    Refugio Monduver Self catering accommodation in the mountains of Valencia, Spain. Ideal base for walkers, cyclists, mountain bikers, climbers, bird watchers and nature lovers.

    Regards from Sunny Spain

  8. I won’t go back to using any other themes now that I’ve been spoiled with the flexibility of Suffusion. Thanks for your great work! Here’s how it’s looking:

  9. I so love this team because it’s very flexible.. best theme ever. I’m using this theme and recommended this to our clients. We also use this theme for our blog at

  10. Another website I run. This is focused on fifa video game for PS3.

  11. Sayontan,

    A pleasure to design using your theme.
    Unique Handcrafted Creation Original items out of Fimo polymer modelling clay

    Is now using suffusion

  12. Thank you very much for this theme, which I can customise and tweak. Visit! 🙂 It’s good to stick to your own plans for suffusion and make it better in your own good timing 🙂

  13. Our local camera club uses Suffusion. I tried literally hundreds of themes before finding this one and setting it up.

  14. Hi everyody!

    Firstly, I have to say a big “THANKS” for this amazing theme!! Secondly, here is my website, what uses Suffusion:

    It is a movie news and review site, from Hungary. And works well with Suffusion 🙂

  15. Sayontan,

    I have built a new multilingual site for Gandia Casa Rural (without using WPML).
    6 WordPress Sites each running in it’s own language,
    Suffusion Theme for all sites.
    Gandia Casa Rural English
    Gandia Casa Rural Deutsch
    Gandia Casa Rural Spagnola
    Gandia Casa Rural Español
    Gandia Casa Rural Français
    Gandia Casa Rural Nederlands

    Again, a pleasure to use Suffusion!!
    Regards from Sunny Spain

  16. Sayontan,

    A pleasure to design using your theme.
    Cal Info Mesure Calibration for Antenna Measurement Systems,… Is now using suffusion

    Best Regards

  17. Does anyone know how Suffusion was manipulated to create this page

  18. Seems I found the best theme.
    Just starting with WordPress..
    Thanks a lot.

  19. Suffusion is a pretty good theme. It has 1000 times more options than most other themes.

    FreeBitcoins uses Suffusion 😀

  20. Hey, just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know that I’m using your theme for my site ( I’m still a rookie, so I’m playing around with lots of the options, but I’m loving it so far.

  21. Sayontan,

    Gracias por el, más flexible, más versátil, tema multilingüe.
    Un placer diseño con su tema
    LOS ROBLES Centro Hipico Gandia.



    Greatest theme.

  23. Sayontan

    Again a pleasure to use your theme,…
    new project, a members only site.
    Rhenish Girls’ High School Class of 1982


  24. I finally decided to enter the world of blogging and a good friend recommended the Suffusion theme to me. Check out my page

    Any tips or suggestions about the theme are greatly appreciated!

  25. Thank you for your great theme, I using and reviewing in my sites :

  26. your theme is excellent, I love the way you can customize everything, especially the custom posts! Heres my site and if I actually manage to make some money from it, you will be first to know.



  27. I love the versatility of Suffusion!! My site: 

  28. I build virtually all my sites with Suffusion. Great job Sayontan!

    A few examples:
    My own site:

    The best WordPress theme for designers that I have ever seen!
    So flexible!

  29. Hello, I’m an italian writer.
    I just finished updating my site with Suffusion. Very powerful, a lot of possibilities, very easy to set up! Also transparency is working fine. Really a great job Sayontan!!!!

    Have a look to “The Italian Legal Thriller”:

  30. A very versatile and user friendly theme for WordPress. You really seemed to cover all the angles and make it malleable enough to mold it to one’s vision for their site. Thank you.

  31. Almost a year now for me with suffusion on IIS7, tried others but nothing compares to Suffusion.

  32. Even as a complete novice i managed to use your theme. I am very grateful to you even though i can’t make my widgets central in the side bars, but hey that’s probably something i’ve done 🙂

  33. I used Suffusion to create a British Pub website for some mates of mine.
    Easy to use. Highly customizable. Looks great!


  34. Have been using WP for years. When I stumbled upon Suffusion I was amazed by its flexibility. I have made minor code changes and added a shopping cart – and continue to be impressed. You can visit my New York Photography site:

  35. Thanks Sayontan for providing such a great theme. Here’s my newly launched site which is a blog all about investing:

  36. This is a wonderful theme! So many options it’s hard to take in all in, I keep learning more and more things I can do!

    Thank you! Really I’ve recommended this theme and will continue to do so.

    Very happy

  37. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your theme. You made me have some sleepless nights in order to through the whole customization which is great!:)
    Extremely good work. Well done!
    You may check my site at

    Best Regards,

  38. I’ve been this theme for a while now, and it continuously surprises me. I’ve tried others along the way, but I keep on coming back to it. Many thanks Sayontan..
    Check me out
    I heard on the BBC that there a re couple new countries that want to become Test Cricket Countries. Afghanistan being one of them. Kids picking up bats instead of guns. Hopefully the ICC can assist with funding.

  39. I accept criticism and suggestions on this site
    thank you

  40. Тема очень классная, но без перевода тяжело.
    Настроил верхнее меню, с выпадающими подзаголовками – почему то пропало именно выпадающие страницы. И перестал работать виджет Featured Content и сейчас не могу настроить.
    Может быть кто подскажет, поможет.
    За ранее благодарю. Адрес
    С уважением, Сергей.

    • Сергей, если что, обращайтесь. Все изменения в Suffusion лучше не делать в Гугл Хроме – там действительно могут возникнуть глюки.

  41. The best theme around. Free with premium skills ! Thank you !

  42. Hi.. I’m trying to work out your theme on xampp. It’s really quite nice and it has what I needed for the site I’m working on. As much as I would like to to take advantage of all of its features, there are a lot I don’t understand. Do you a specific site/area in the forum that will assist newbies like me? Kinda a step-by-step process/tutorial on how to go about the theme especially those super featuristic add-on features. From what I can read from your forum, discussions are mostly support to theme-related problems/errors. No tutorials. If there is, hope you can put them on sticky section. Thank you and more power to you.

  43. Thanks again for the theme, definitely donating!

    Just found out I could use transparent backgrounds for my posts which is definitely a nice feature. Any thoughts on an option to make the header image link back to the root page?

    Thanks again!

  44. 真的是一個很棒的主題,我是一個第一次使用WordPress的人,比較過很多主題之後發現妳們的是功能最完整的,
    雖然我是中文使用者,使用上有小小的障礙,但是還是我最好的選擇,我希望我的網站( )開始盈利之後能有榮幸請妳們喝咖啡

  45. Sayontan,

    A Pleasure to work with your theme again,….
    Beauty Makeovers Malta Professional Make-up Artist based in Malta,
    is Now a Suffusion User!!

    Regards from Sunny Malta

  46. see my site here

  47. I´m not a web designer and Still needing some help but this is my site.

  48. Suffusion is the best theme for WordPress. I would not even consider using any other theme. It is extremely flexible and configurable. Thanks Sayontan

  49. uses this theme !

  50. Thanks, Sayontan