Obviously this site uses Suffusion. Over the past few months I have come across a few sites using Suffusion that have been extremely good with it

Wolfsgeheul -

Wolfsgeheul -

Are you using Suffusion on a site of yours? You could post a link here if you are (no links to adult websites please!)

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  1. Hi folks: I am using Suffusion on a bunch of different blogs. This is my first time using this theme. It is really different. I love the ease of use when setting up Suffusion.


  2. Iam using Suffusion for my Call of Duty Clanpage incuding a CoD Blog:

  3. Hi. Loving Suffusion. Endless tweaking.

  4. I’m using this theme for a dutch dance initiative, get a lot of positive comments on how I used it. You can take a look at it at Any feedback is also very welcome!

  5. Suffusion with 30 active plugins.

    • It’s amazing how fast it is …We running now 32 plugins (some with external scripts loading) and with NO CACHING enabled we constantly hit ~3 sec loading time

      • What plugin are you using to get such speed, or is it Suffusion alone?
        (PS Suffusion is GREAT on our site)

        • @Pacific – Suffusion is a well written quick theme … Now I run 35 plugins, I enabled caching and minify and and I get below 2 secs loading time for the homepage (which is loaded with pics)
          Regarding the addons – I’ll gladly share them with you. Let’s take this offline to not bloat the board with non-topic subjects. Drop me an email –

  6. I use Suffusion for my website Fat-Free Marketing Group. Even after more than a year, I’m still exploring some of the amazing array of options available.

  7. Just built with suffusion. Still working some things out but so far so good.

  8. Thanks for the excellent theme. Just started building with Suffusion.

  9. Really love this theme, thanks Sayontan.

  10. A basic neat website using suffusion:

  11. DJ’s Mobiles –

    A tech website with the latest news on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices.

  12. Just love Suffusion

  13. Super Summer Camps is now A Suffusion Convert!

  14. Great theme, I don´t know nothing about programming but my website is running

  15. Have used some of the new functionality to create a new refreshed look for my site.
    Mountain Biking Blog

  16. Just built my site with this theme “WOW” great theme.

  17. @Mountain Biking Valencia, Good work, your site looks appealing and interesting.

    In my opinion, the background image is somewhat too bright and attracts the reader’s eyes making them flick from one side of the page to the other instead of concentrating on the middle part which holds your content.

    Moreover, numerous studies have proved that past 55 signs to a line, readers either give up and if they don’t, their understanding and retention of what they’re reading is drastically reduced. Can’t remember the exact figure but it’s over 50%. This the reason newspapers have narrow columns and use 2-cols spans extremely sparingly. So you should consider using a bigger font and breaking up your text to 2 cols.

    Good luck with your site and hasta la vista.

  18. I tried several other themes. I always return to suffusion.

    Great Job Sayontan. Hope you get enough coffe. 🙂

  19. Ive been using Suffusion since day 1 with WordPress. I built several sites with it with some customizations of course.
    My latest one, I use this theme on my biz website. As Im pitching to small and mid-sized business owners, I was looking for themes all the time, I even purchased some premium themes (elegant themes, to be exact) and have looked into Inkthemes, Genesis etc. but none match the customization power of Suffusion.
    For my curent site, I did a custom background for the Homepage, added a “callout” css class and edited out the lines/shadows to give the theme a more airy look. All customizations are packed in a custom css file that I attached in Options-Back End-Custom Includes. I first did the css edits directly in the Back End, and after i was pleased I just copied them into a css file and uploaded it on the server and of course linked it properly. It was quite easy to do all the changes.
    The site for the moment has no cashing and loads for about 3 seconds but I do intend on setting up W3 Total Cache with CDN (via ftp probably), page/db/object cache etc.
    I love the latest update that it only takes one click on the Save Settings button instead of clicking twice with the popup menu that existed for a while now. Excellent theme!

  20. Using it for my author website/blog here:

  21. Two sites using Suffusion Theme:
    Site #1:
    This is the blog part of an extensive html site. The WordPress Suffusion Theme blog has been modified to match the html site.

    Site #2:
    This is the Tips and Tricks section of an extensive html site. The Suffusion Theme has been modified to match the html site. We are also in process of designing an extensive office system for management of the club members. The members only area of the HTML site will also be ported to WP Suffusion Theme. We expect to go live on this development site in early 2013.

  22. Thanks for the Suffusion Theme. It is a great work!
    I will use for my new blog about 2 FUJIFILM cameras.

    Greetings from Old Germany



  23. We have tried lots of themes but can not find anything to match Suffusion, Many thanks.

  24. well here’s a link to my suffusion site evolved over some time, but I’m looking at switching it up to use the magazine template….

  25. Hello

    After trying about 100 Themes I finaly made my decission for SUFFUSION. This is really the best Theme available, and that for free.
    Amazing. I highly recommend to use Suffusion and not to forget buying Sayontan a nice, organic, fair-trade deluxe cappucino!!!

    My site:


  26. I am using this site both to showcase the book i am writing and record all the research i have done for the book. It looks particularly good on an I pad.

  27. Hello,I am a Chinese user,maybe I did’t write the English very well,I am sorry.
    I like the [Featured Image] of WordPress,it can made my website very beautiful.but I only want the Featured Image at my page which URL e.g.[],and don’t show the Featured Image at which URL e.g.[],how to setting at Suffusion Options?

  28. Just wanted to leave a quick comment and say thanks for a great theme. I’m pretty proud of my website I really appreciate all the work that went into designing a theme for those of us with absolutely no coding experience.

  29. I really like this theme for my own blogs and so now it’s the first time that I use WP and Suffusion as a CMS for a friend of mine: Schollese Im not yet done with it (some bits are still missing) but I like it already! 🙂

  30. Sayontan,

    Many thanks for your Fantastic Theme.
    I have revamped my birding site for the new season.
    Bird Watching ValenciaBirding in Spain.

    Regards from Sunny Spain

  31. New site online. Easy and clean, thx suffision!

    Frank 🙂

  32. Thanks for the great theme. Here’s my website for Spumone, a video game for learning engineering.

  33. This is an awesome theme! Has a nice polished design and easy to use!

  34. I love the ease of use and the amount of options to customise.

    I’m just starting an art blog so check it out 🙂

    Thanks Suffusion!!

  35. I’ve used a ton of different themes, nothing even comes to close to suffusion in terms of felxibility and customization. Thank you for this theme!!

    Tyler from

  36. Awesome theme! I love it and it serves me and my viewers really good, i have a Hebrew gymnastics websites with Buddypress – Thank you!

  37. Suffusion rocks! I’ve done something with it that I think no-one else has done.
    Check out HomepageAfrica and you’ll see –
    Cheers, Matt 🙂

  39. Suffusion Theme by Sayontan is the best Theme going. I have used it on all of my sites, The latest I think has come up really well using a dark background. This is my first dark background what do you think?
    Would love to hear any comments.
    I have also used the great theme on

    thanks Sayontan for your awesome work and all that support with the forum discussions.

  40. Thanks a lot for such a beautiful theme. I changed so many themes finally I came across this theme. Please have a look at my blog

  41. I have used the theme before on other sites but closed them down and then realised I missed it so much I put up a new one and here it is…still very new and changing all the time as I learn new things…Don’t really know PHP or javascript but do know a bit of XHTML and CSS so I do sometimes change basics like the line between the heading and post…like to have a nice solid line… 😀

    Kriss 🙂

  42. Sayontan,

    A pleasure to work with your theme again,…
    Property Inspection Trips to Spain Explore La Safor! is now running Suffusion

    Regards from Sunny Spain

  43. I have to add my thanks to you for a fine job. I was never satisfied with other themes – too many limitations on configurability. Suffusion allowed the personalization and functionality I desired for my website / photographic portfolio. Thank you so much!

  44. Thanks for a fabulous theme,….

    I’m Bernadette van Jaarsveld and I am a fully accredited MamaBabyBliss associate teacher of baby massage and baby yoga. I am based in Norfolk and cover Norwich and the Broadland area. My classes are very personal and offer support, nurturing and relaxation for both parent and baby.

  45. Just learning wordpress and stumbled across the suffusion theme. I love it. Been using it to start a site for my brothers stereo shop. Any tips or links would be appreciated.

  46. Built a small simple site for a Judiciary organization.


  47. Here is my site with suffusion. I like to keeps things simple to let my art breathe, but suffusion works just as well for the more simply designed style of site.

  48. I use Suffusion for 2 websites – my personal/business site and my university lab’s site: and
    My partner and I are working on a third which will be up in a few weeks.

  49. Utilizo o Suffusion há 3 anos, e através dele consigo expor minhas idéias de maneira clara em meu blog. Fiz poucas customizações em design e programação, e através de alguns plugins, principalmente JetPack, cheguei a um resultado interessante. Obrigado Sayontan Sinha, você fez um grande favor a comunidade!

  50. I used Suffusion for a few sites, including this one. Very nice theme.