Obviously this site uses Suffusion. Over the past few months I have come across a few sites using Suffusion that have been extremely good with it

Wolfsgeheul -

Wolfsgeheul -

Are you using Suffusion on a site of yours? You could post a link here if you are (no links to adult websites please!)

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  1. After looking at dozens of themes for my new photo blog, I was determined to have a simple, efficient and easily customizable blog around my own own unique requirements. I started working with Suffusion, and was able to accomplish everything I needed.

    Thanks for a fantastic job on the theme.

    My photo blog can be found at

  2. Here is an example of using it for a nice legal website:

  3. I just love this theme. As a newbie to building a website i found this to be just simple and easy to use without the use of an extended list of plug ins. My site is very basic but i think its worth checking out feel free to visit. As I learn more then I will add whatever is applicable.

  4. Here are a few sites using Suffusion: The first two are artist/photography sites. The third is a Comic Hero Double For Hire site. The fourth is a local high school football team site and the last is a Food Dip company that is amazing. We love Suffusion! It is the best WP theme out there.

  5. Please take a look at my photoblog to showcase Suffusion. I used only minimal custom CSS and a couple of widget/plugins (jQuery Colorbox, Random Post Link, Image Caption, Collapsible Archive Widget, Sidebar Photoblog, etc.) to create this design:

  6. Boris, I like what you have done. Could you give me a little information on how you have implemented the image slider at the top of your posts please?

    • Colin, the slider is a regular Suffusion feature — the “Featured Content” (see Blog Features under Suffusion options). The slider pictures are specially cropped, saved and FTP’d to a separate folder by me and the image URL linked under “Featured Image” on each “Edit Post”. The settings have been slightly customized (like 25 posts instead of 10), but everything was done in the normal Suffusion GUI.

      • Boris, thanks for the information. That means unfortunately that I can’t do what you have done due to the design of my site (no posts) only pages. Thanks anyway. Colin

        • Colin, Suffusion uses the JQuery Cycle script for this slider effect. There are a couple of other plugins/widgets that use the same JavaScript, but maybe one lets you use your static pages instead of postings. Just install them and check them out. It may also be possible to integrate the script manually in your website.

        • Colin / Boris,
          The Featured Content section can display static pages. You need to pick the pages you want to show from the options page.


          • Sayontan, as I asked on the forum I want this for PAGES not posts and so given what you said there out of the box this won’t work so I will have to search out an alternative like Boris suggested.

          • Colin,
            I actually meant static pages, not static posts (I have corrected my comment). Nonetheless, what you are asking here and what you actually asked on the forum are two different things, if I understand correctly. What you are looking for is to cycle through the images within a page / post, not to cycle through a set of pages. These are two different concepts. The featured content section will let you pick pages to show. But if you have a page with 5 images, it will not cycle through the images – it will show you just the first image for the page. If, however, you had 5 pages each with one image you can add each page to the featured content section and it will cycle through them all.


  7. Here is my Suffusion Theme for my photography site. I keep fooling around with the general layout and widgets but love the architecture. I have noticed some of the sites above have a gallery page. Does anyone know how to set this up?

    • Robert I use the NextGen gallery for my galleries. There are lots of additional plug-ins for it and it works perfectly with Suffusion. have a look at for one of my sites where I use it in conjunction with Suffusion.

      • Colin: That’s very neat. This would allow me to post image specific galleries of my landscapes. How do you get it integrated into your pages?

  8. Love the Suffusion theme. I have integrated the blog with my photography website.

  9. Using Suffusion on my blog at
    Even better than the WP twenty ten theme!

  10. Great theme. Love all the customizing options.


    This site is a World of Warcraft Profiles site, which will allow people to create a profile for their character, and then to save a snapshot of it. It will also allow them to save information on the character, such as items which the character has or skills and abilities. There are similar sites, but this one is the only one which will allow the person to make the character info anonymous. Perfect for those who wish to sell their characters.

  12. Great theme. Love all the customizing options.
    I use it for my site.
    Could you plus mine on the post?

  13. Hi
    What a great theme for wordpress. I”ve just relaunched one of my old sites after 5 years and there was no better theme to choose. Why go to the aggravation of hand coding your own site when there’s stuff as good as this around.

    thanks again for a great looking and performing theme.

  14. Hi
    Great theme for wordpress. I use it for all of my blogs on

    Thanks a lot for your job and for the best free theme for wordpress.

    Robert (rmac on forum)

  15. I’m using it on , absolutely awesome! Thanks for the great work, it’s the best theme I’ve ever tested.

  16. The new version of the theme with the Minima colour options is great and just what I needed for a site that I am porting to WordPress. A little more custom css is still required but it is virtually there.

  17. Awesome theme! Fully customisable, easy to use and love the custom includes area. Best WP theme, thanks!

  18. This is my first site with a wordpress theme and I was lucky to find Suffusion.

  19. Wonderful theme! You’re setting the standards for how a template should be designed, free or paid!

    I only wish others would design to your levels of standards and customizability!

  20. This is a wonderful theme, user friendly, and easily customizable. I love that out of the many that use it, no two are the same.

  21. I have just written a post for my blog and I thought, as it expresses my view on Suffusion, I would also post it here.

    “Suffusion” by Sayontan is, without a doubt, one of, if not THE most versatile and powerful FREE WordPress/BuddyPress Theme I have ever installed!

    When I first took a look at the “Theme Options” I could immediately see that this was no average WordPress theme. I was just blown away! The Visual Effects, Blog Features and permutations offered by the array of different Page Templates is truly mind-boggling. The capabilities appear almost limitless, so many, in fact, that I can imagine it must be daunting for some at first!

    Other themes I have used in the past lacked even some of the standard capabilities, for example the ability to substitute their page header with your own without hacking their coding, however with the Suffusion WordPress Theme you are able to modify nearly anything and almost everything, and the majority without having to resort to any CSS or PHP coding at all.

    To say I am extremely impressed and grateful that Sayontan recognized the need to provide all of us non-developer users a chance to completely personalize our themes would be a significant understatment.

    And comparing Suffusion with a number of the paid themes I have purchased through the years (and I won’t shame the authors by mentioning them or their products by name), there really is absolutely no comparison in terms of flexibiity and ease of use.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, out of the box, it has its own Child Theme and support for BuddyPress which even the big guys are still very slow to provide!

    My opinion of Suffusion? Incredible. Just incredible.

  22. First of all, I thank you Sayontan for the extraordinary work in creating suffussion. It’s awesome man! And also thank you for helping me out in configuring suffussion properly. So here is teh outcome:

    Don’t forget to let me know your feedback! πŸ™‚

  23. Great…GREAT theme. I am using it at to replace my custom WordPress install. It’s the first time I have found a theme which gives me the control I need and a fantastic forum and support!

    Cheers, everyone involved.

  24. Finally completed my suffusion installation and customization. Check out Wanderlass Travels.

  25. Sayontan, once again your beautiful, amazing Suffusion theme has come through with flying colors! It’s perfect for showing off the great work of thisPaintless Dent Removal business. Thank you so much!!!

    (Watch for another cup of coffee from me πŸ™‚

  26. Finally!

    I have lots to learn though…
    Thank you Sayontan for the wonderful theme!

    have i done justice to the theme? lots to learn and do though…:)

  27. i have so many options, love the theme

  28. Hello!
    I like that easy & beautiful theme, I use it for my .

    Thank you very much!

  29. sorry for this late. i just wanna tell you about my site is using theme from You. thanks for this great theme. πŸ˜‰

  30. I installed this theme for a customer and it worked well for a while. However, for the past few weeks it slowed down to a point that it looks like one is using a dial-up connection to download every single page. Since I have some other websites with different themes running under the same server and they are not having the same problem, I wonder if there would be any problem with plugins and stuff. I am running the latest WP and Suffusion versions and all my plugins are updated as well. Any hint?

  31. Hi, this is my website:

  32. At – Gastronomi & Opskrifter we also use a customized version of the Suffusion theme. Feel free to visit, note that the site content is danish ;o)

  33. I have 2 sites been running live on it now since May……. A normal site at and one with Buddypress plugin running successfully at

    • Hey richard, i really love your site.
      i was wondering if there is by any chance you can show me how to install suffusion and buddypress together. i am trying to create a social website, and having a hard time having buddypress and suffusion together, please please, help me out. or if you have the link for the theme and everything update, would you be able to pass it on please.

      • if anyone, know or have the complete set up for buddypress to work with suffusion please help me. i am horrible with code, and new to the whole website building. i would greatly appreciate it.

  34. Still trying to figure things out and work out a couple customizing bugs, but really happy with the theme. Thanks!

  35. Sayontan.

    Been using Suffusion for a little while now and I do have to say it’s by far the most functional. Most importantly it allows people with zero PHP or CSS experience to really customize their site in a manner most would have to pay others to do for them(after learning how to make changes in WP as well). You’ve done an awesome job on this. Feel free to make an example of my site anytime. It’ll likely stay using Suffusion for a very long time.

    -Tony Hunt

  36. I’ve been using Suffusion for the past 6 months for my travel and lifestyle design site. I just recently used a child theme to customize the site and would love to hear any feedback you have.


  37. I’ve been using Suffusion for the last 6 months, learning as I go along. It was a slow start, but I’m finally where I want my website to be. I had gone through many different Theme’s, but Suffusion is by far the best when it comes to helping people with zero PHP or CSS experience to really customize their website.

    Check Out My Site

  38. Love the theme! I use it on all of my websites, so versatile and customizable, thanks a lot.

    My latest site is Natural Body Health using the Minima theme skin.

  39. This is a great theme. I’ve used it on several sites. Here is the latest.


    • Darin, nice job on the site.
      I’m also trying to create a “non-blog” site for my wife’s pet training business, and was wondering how you were able to center the text on the text widget like the one on the black below the header.
      I see how one can insert images or text on a widget, but how did you assign the text centering property ?
      Also, are you using the magazine or just a modified standard blog template?

      Thanks in advance,


    • Ditto on the non-blog look of your site! Great job!!

  40. Three more of my recent ones without a blog look and feel.

    • Colin,

      Nice job on the sites, specially the art and photography ones. As a photographer, I’ve been trying to achieve exactly what you did in stripping down Suffusion to a simpler portfolio site, but but not been able to do it yet.

      Also for my wife’s pet training business I’m stuck in trying to figure out how to make the post entry to be a much smaller part of the static front page, like for a weekly tip entry, not the main element.


      • Al,
        Thanks for the kind comments.

        If you need any pointers to achieve the same look when you start ask me on the support forum and I will help you out


  41. I would like your opinion about this one too which is almost ready:

    I switched from NextGen Gallery to BannerZest because I was too slow. I also would like some suggestions for a plugin or software to generate music playlistsfor my customer’s cd track previews. It doesn’t need to be a shopping cart because he uses a 3rd party company to sell his songs.


  42. I’ve been using Suffusion for about six months now, but it’s not until these last few days that I’ve decided to try and get a little adventurous with the custom styles. I’m trying to get the logo behind the nav bar and to remove the line where the other nav bar would be. I’m not asking for support here, I like to try and work it out, feel free to check back in a day or so to see if I succeeded!

  43. I love the flexibility Suffusion gives me. It has been stable since I started using it about a year ago.

    I frequently get compliments on my blog and I think this theme has helped me build some good stats for time on site and depth of visit.

    resistance is fruitful

  44. Started another site .. one theme we worked with just didn’t have the layout options and flexibility we needed. Guess what did: Suffusion. Went with the minimal theme and it looks fantastic!

  45. Great theme, thank you. The only one that’s let me consolidate several wildly different sites but still keep the content sufficiently separate for it all to make sense.

  46. Hi Sayontan, great theme, love the versatility & ease of use. I use ‘suffusion’ on my worldwide travel site, it has so much you can experiment with, love it!

  47. Hi, my site is using suffusion as well:

  48. is using suffusion! Thanks for designing the theme!


  49. Hi,

    thanks for an EXTREMLY good theme.

    Just started to use wordpress about one week ago, spend two days learning the basics, 4 (!) days looking for the right theme, and 1 day finishing up after I found your theme !

    ItΒ΄s in Finnish, but youΒ΄ll get the big picture πŸ˜‰

    Usually I build my sites with dreamweaver but needed CMS for this project, so I tried wordpress out, seemed like a pain at first, until I stumbled on your theme πŸ™‚

    Thanks a lot

    – Mike –

  50. is using suffusion! Thanks for the Theme!!!