Obviously this site uses Suffusion. Over the past few months I have come across a few sites using Suffusion that have been extremely good with it

Wolfsgeheul -

Wolfsgeheul -

Are you using Suffusion on a site of yours? You could post a link here if you are (no links to adult websites please!)

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  1. we use it here |BoB| – Band of Brothers on our Clan Website.

  2. – love the theme.

  3. Using Suffusion on

  4. Can people please specify if they are using the Magazine layout.

    I am very interested in the Magazine Layout but aren’t brave enough to give it a go or learn about it. I would love to see some specific examples of the Magazine layout in action.

  5. I use this theme on my jewellery blog and will be using it on all my others too its awesome

  6. I started using this theme for my photography site Kenneth Pasternak Photography

    I find it easy to use and get started and a lot of choices to make that I still need to go over before using the other options. My site is still a work in progress. If other users of this theme have any suggestions on things for my site I am all ears to hear. I am new to WordPress and blogging and always up for others thoughts. Looking at the other sites here there are many options to this theme which is great. Stop by if you get a chance.

  7. I’m using Suffusion on my recently revamped personal site here and on another site which I’m currently remodelling here. Fantastic theme.

  8. After using Suffusion on our league page we now designed the main clubpage also with the theme package:
    In the end two quite different results.

  9. I just switched to using Suffusion ( and I am very impressed! I love the flexibility available to me!

    I’m looking for a way to add some icons to the Main Navigation Bar. I’ve looked around at some plugins none of them really work all that well. Does this happen to be built into Suffusion?

    Thanks again for a great theme!


  11. Thanks for a fantastic theme!!

    Alex Snelling.
    Audiovisual Communications student. Interested in flying, airsoft, drawing, photography, scale modeling and similar things, is now a Suffusion Convert.

    Regards from sunny Spain

  13. I started using Suffusion at It is so easy to make a cool looking site. I highly recommend Suffusion. BTW, if you like video games, read my blog and let me know what you think.

  14. Great theme! I have used it on my food blog and at my work on an open-source platform Currently working on a new site for my company….. And always with Suffusion!


    Aiming to provide a one source open solution for file and folder synchronization. The nofolder “!folder” project will be populated with files, community forums and documentation from one location at !folder would like to build off of the success of novell’s ifolder and continue it’s development keeping backward and forward compatibility while developing future technologies to integrate further into all mobile platforms. The current files are a mirror of known good ifolder server and client builds.

  16. Thanks alot for the great theme Sayontan. Check out my site here

  17. Just getting to grips with this excellent theme.
    the results of my feeble efforts so far…
    Drill Press Reviews
    Jump Starter

  18. Fabulous! I was able to build a rubber stamping site for my wife. If anyone would like to critique it for me, that would be appreciated. It’s not much, but it’s home. Here is her stamping website. She is a Stampin’ Up! independent demonstrator.

  19. welcome to my,thank you to sinha,i like suffusion very much

  20. SUFFUSION IS THE BEST I have ever used! I am 1000% committed to WP now with Suffusion made me throw my HTML sites away, implenting it in to all my sites. I am still building and tweaking, but if you want to see something totally different than the pictured examples, some really cool things that I have done with it visit my site:

    It is heaving widget usage and other elements for the body and theme I have built. Still adding content but I impress myself with it.

  21. SUFFUSION is the theme i am using for my photoblogg. It is great!

  22. Thanks for this feature-rich and user-friendly theme Sayontan!

  24. Made this blog for Pete Garritano of Shelburne, Vermont, who is tirelessly working to get Vermont to stop supporting the endless, illegal, unconstitutional, brutal wars and use the money to rebuild our infrastructure and a truly green Vermont.

    • Nice and clean. No clutter always makes for an easy read.

    • Here’s the URL:

      Thanks, Peter ! That’s good advice for my own personal Suffusion site, which is far too cluttered: …. methinks I should trade website maintenence with somebody else, that way somebody could make mine better and I could make that person’s better…. from the reader’s point of view.

      • That was something I’m trying to cultivate on mine I find the black background really emphasises text, allowing you to read with less eyestrain than the traditional white background. I know it a departure from the convention of always having a white background with black text; but I feel that the white page habit harks back to the when all hard copy printing was done on white paper. I think as people to come to prioritise the user experience over what use to be publishing convention, that more people will prefer to publish white text on a black background. It it far far easier on the eyes, even if it is considered a non-standard mode of publishing.

  25. Thank you for this amazing theme! I use it for my blog here:

  26. I cannot help but feeling proud of how I made my website “Slices of Life” look after installing Suffusion, although the credit goes almost entirely to you, of course – for having created this brilliant tool! You’re most welcome to include my website as an example in this showcase, if you like it.

    Much thanks,

  27. This is mine using Suffusion

    • honestly dude it’s a plain looking site, like your content but jazz it up go to the suffusion options in the theme editor, play with the header background (add a logo,) check out the page background same thing, body wrapper again. ..with a travel site you could do some backgrounds of some really cool places….like the google adsense might have to check into that, you make any money off it?

      • You’re absollutely right Simon. Thanks for your suggestion. My site was made weeks ago, i will jazz it up later coz my focus is now to rich the content first.. i will learn much from this showcase..

  28. I’m just updating my site at the moment, I’ve been using Suffusion for well over a year now and have really enjoyed its flexibility. I’ve got a lot of custom CSS but the core is still Suffusion, amazingly flexible.

  29. Suffusion is great.

  30. Just installed here >

    I tip my hat to you Sayontan as I am overwhelmed! Overwhelmed in a good way that is.

    I have never seen such a comprehensive and well laid out admin back end in a free WordPress theme before. Bravo on an excellent job.

    It is quite astounding that you have included so many features in a free theme tbh. I can imagine others not including half of what you have and only including certain things with a Premium Theme. Which it really beats hands down in many respects when you compare the theme and the overall features to other themes that are indeed paid themes.

    The themes back end and the possibilities you have shown have my mind working overdrive on what should be included with a paid for Premium Theme. Alas SEO and getting highly ranked for search terms is my forte though so such dreams without the right partnership will just have to remain as thought running through my head for now.

    Suffice to say Sayontan Sinha I salute you on a job very well done!

  31. One hpur and a half later – WOW

    2 questions erm do I need any plugins at all Sayontan? LOL If so what do you recommend and 2 does it have breadcrumbs or will I need to add a plugin or do something else you advise for this feature to appear – your wisdom please?

    • Breadcrumbs are built into the theme, but they cover just the basic functionality. You can try it out from the options for the Main Navigation Bar.

      • Thanks Sayontan

        $ days later and I am still amazed at what I now call The World’s Best Free WordPress Theme, hands down the honest to goodness best thing I have seen given away for WordPress

        Just look at what I have got Suffusion looking like in just a few days and that’s with other things going on like writing my first free to read on-line children’s educational book

        Here is where I am so far with a cartoon teddy bear site though I also have it part set up on two other sites with many more planned and don’t worry I am going to put a credit link back in the footer even though it is not obligatory as I want to put a page in in between offering hosting for month for £1 and free installation of WordPress and Suffusion to help others get going with the solid start Suffusion gives.

        Everyone should see this theme before they consider a premium theme IMHO.

  32. I´m using Suffusion on my site:

  33. Hi
    I am also using this theme, which is fantastic for someone like me who isnt wordpress savvy. Thanks for all the links above to you sites – its great to see how everyones using this theme to its full potential. I have seen a few sites, using the image slider just below their header area. I would appreciate if someone could let me know if thats a plugin or is it an option in the Suffusion.
    Many thanks

  34. Great theme! Thanks for developing. I’m using it just for my little blog…

  35. Suffusion has been great! Thanks for developing it! My friend and I have just started a cityguide on Busan, South Korea: Busan Awesome

  36. Hello,

    Suffusion has been my theme of choice for the last few years, it’s been a pleasure using such a custom friendly theme as the basis for my website. After a long delay, I just updated my daily news website. Take a look and tell me what you think.

    Aprama Media

    • hi CommonSenseCool

      First I should tell that your site design was very interesting for me, and I didn’t know I can use Suffusion in this way, I have a question about your site, how could you make contents in main page shown this way? I mean like a magazine homepage who contains just every posts’ thumbnail under a Subject category and then when some one clicks on the link he will go to posts particular page?

      please give me some helpful links or text to read and learn how to do the same.

      I appreciate your help in advance.

  37. Hi,

    Great theme! Simple in use for developer and user. My site looks beautifull: http:\\

    Greetings, Jack

  38. Here is what I have done with the Suffusion theme. It is a truly a great theme. I have had other themes and they have been very limited in what they can do and full of errors. This theme allows you to expand your site at any time now or in the future, instead of having to change themes.

    I wanted a weblog that was easy for everyone of any age to read and understand.

  39. Functionality is 80% now, but I thought it’s time posting my site too:!

    Because I wanted all markup in one place, I did all customization with CSS and didn’t use the settings menu.

    Thanks so much for this great platform and friendly support. Sayontan, you rock!

  40. We are trying it out and now endorsing it:

  41. Nice theme. Used it at:

  42. This is my site using suffusion theme

  43. I’m using it on my travel guide and blog here:

  44. My first attempt at designing my own wp site and thought I would try a free theme. Getting great feedback from what I created. Suffusion rocks!

  45. I’m using suffusion – having a bit of trouble stretching the header image to fit.

  46. Thanks for your good care and support of Suffusion, I use Suffusion here:


  47. I can highly recommend suffusion! Simple and powerful.

  48. I use the theme at these sites:

    thank you


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