Obviously this site uses Suffusion. Over the past few months I have come across a few sites using Suffusion that have been extremely good with it

Wolfsgeheul -

Wolfsgeheul -

Are you using Suffusion on a site of yours? You could post a link here if you are (no links to adult websites please!)

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  1. I love the power of Suffusion. It’s features are endless. I’m using it here:

  2. Hi,

    I love this theme and it’s features. The slider is sooo easy to setup! All features are carefully considered full credit to the author for their hard work.

    I designed this site for a pub in Ireland and am thrilled with the way it has worked for them.

    Only used two plugins along with the theme… GRAND FIAGallery and FullThrottle Calendar …as everything else needed was included in the theme.

    Only one issue, which I found was, Google Maps Plugins do not render well under this theme. Thankfully I had only to use one instance of google maps and used the iFrame code which does work fine on this theme.

    Many thanks once again,


  3. I’m impressed with all the sites everyone has made using this extremely versatile template (with a steep learning curve I might add). Here’s my contribution:

    Personally I had a hard time getting the logo to overlap with the the menu bar, but finally pulled it off in this template. In another template I would have used a separate div for that.

  4. We’re using your theme on and we hope we’re doing justice to its awesomeness. 🙂

  5. Okey, here we go…

    I use the excellent theme on a blog about photography:

    Thanks(!), from Germany 😉 .

  6. I think I’ve pretty much taken the theme to the extreme end of customisation visually. No other themes come close in being able to do this!

  7. We LOVE Suffusion!! It is such a user-friendly theme and it totally ROCKS!!.

    I’m using it at my site:

  8. for our one year trip mith motocicles through south america we us suffusion for our travel-blog.
    the support and the theme is brilliant
    thanks a lot.

  9. I wanted to say I love the theme and have recently gotten my Saturday Night Live and Notre Dame Football site off the ground.

    So customizeable. As a complete web/blog novice this theme really taught me so much.


  11. Great theme, relatively easy to work with.
    One site converted to Suffion so far:
    More to come

  12. Hi everybody ( and Sayontan 😉

    I´ve done a couple of sites with suffusion now, the first one was ( a finnsih bartending site ), and now I just finnished up ( abt. 80% ready..) a site for a client, the trick this time around was to get the site to NOT have a blog feel, at all.., you can check the site here: did also add Sayontans nicely working Photonic below header, turned out quite nice 🙂

    Thanks again Sayontan for a great theme ! 🙂

  13. Thanks again Sayontan for a great theme
    I have finally decided to TREAT myself to a new site,…..
    Mark van Jaarsveld

    A little more colorful than usual!!
    Again, it has been a pleasure to work with Suffusion, you make my job so much easier.
    Best Regards from Sunny Spain
    and a million thank-you’s for the ongoing support.

  14. My second Community Radio website to use Suffusion. I just love this theme!!

  15. Sayontan,

    Thanks for your great theme!!
    Has integrated very well with WPML WordPress Multilingual,
    next step WP e-Commerce,
    Regards From Sunny Spain
    Tienda el Caballo

  17. Hiya, we built our new Brighton University student radio website in Suffusion, thanks very much for the theme Sayontan 🙂

  18. Great Flexible theme ! I’m using it as a clean green 2-column blog for now. Will change into a CMS magazine later.

  19. Thanks to Suffusion and a few compatible plugins, I finally have a nice cleanly designed professional landing page and blog I can be proud of:

    Unfortunately, my new blog makes my others look even worse than I thought they looked before!

  20. I can’t thank you enough for Suffusion! 🙂 It was just what I needed and it’s such a great theme!

  21. Great theme,

  22. Thank you! Excellent theme! Easy setup and good speed site.
    I’m using version 3.7.8 and satisfied.

  23. aLeJo / El Mundo Web, La Empresa y El Marketing

  24. I use it for my site

  25. Hi – I use Suffusion on my gold site,

    I think it lools great, and the site performs really well. Swing on by, have a look and why not sign up for the newsletter. Go on go on.

    I also use suffusion for a whole load of football sites, including

    Sayontan – You are a genius and mankind owes you a favour.

    • Hi Mike,
      nicely done I like the gold star page. I would like to ask you how did u do that menu with the picture at your home page unther the “Headlines”. Looks very nice. Thaks in advance.

      • @Jaroden. Suffusion options – Other Graphical Elements -Main Navigation Bar

        The section is headed – Show “Home” Page?

        • sorry i probably did not make it clear, what I am interesting is the section below Headlines
          it contains a list of articles (starts witch Gold ETFs) with a picture on the left side.
          How do I customize such a list?

          • These controls are under the Magazine Template settings. You should probably head over to the support forum if you have more questions.

    • Ho Mike. I like your layout on GoldStart. Is that magazine layout? I’ve been wanting to experiment with mine I’m getting itchy for a different look and I like what you have done.


  26. Take a look at Beauty’s Life Journal … made with Suffusion (great wordpress theme – thanks x)

  27. Thanks for an excellent theme!
    My website

  28. After trying many themes, I chose Suffusion. It’s great for people like me with little coding knowledge.

    Crazy 4 Freebies

  29. Thanks for the great theme – using it for

  30. Suffusion is an amazing theme. Love the flexibility that it offers. Thank you Sayontan!

    My blog, using Suffusion, is here:

  32. I absolutely love this theme. Use it for my music blog –
    Would love it if you could develop a plugin a bit like featured posts so that i can display say 5 videos in a playlist kind of fashion.
    Great work though, thanks for putting in the time to create such a creative and adaptive theme.

  33. Love this theme…why was I stuck on blogger for so long??

  34. This is my second blog, created by Suffusion and dedicated the culture of China (blog in Russian):
    The first blog:

  35. Thank you I really enjoy using this theme and have used it on a site I made for someone else too:

  36. my site using this them too..

  37. This is my first site using suffusion, really helpful for people like me who don’t have a clue!

  38. Thank you for Suffusion
    I offered you a cup of coffee 🙂

  39. Gracias por un gran tema!
    Saludo desde España

  40. Great Theme, Thanks

  41. We are also using the theme .

    Thanks, good work.

  42. Thanks for a fabulous theme !
    David Fawbert

  43. my site using Suffusion
    i just make it simple. love this theme coz no other themes could satisfy me.

  44. I’m only just getting started with this theme but love its versatility.

    Thanks so much for this great free theme,

  45. This is a great theme, I use it on my personal website/blog. Hope you enjoyed the coffee. 🙂

  46. I have been using this theme on my blog from past 3 months.I have no words to express my respect towards your work Sayontan.Its a piece of art,its just mind blowing!

  47. I use the magnificent Suffusion theme at the following sites:

    Thanks Sayontan!

  48. I use the theme here:

    Great Theme, Thanks

  49. I use Suffusion here:


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