Kon-Tiki is a new theme that I have been working on. It is still in a state of development, though several core aspects of it are ready and are featured live on this site as well as here.

This theme is a marked deviation from my previous project Suffusion. Some key highlights include:

  • Modern PHP foundation – it will not work on PHP versions older than 5.6
  • No JavaScript – no sliders, no menu converters
  • No prepackaged fonts – it relies on gorgeous-looking system fonts
  • No prepackaged raster graphics – it relies on one inline SVG
  • Reliance on CSS Grid, which builds out an astonishingly little 31KB unminified CSS file
  • A solid framework for managing widths and layouts
  • Uses the Customizer
  • Plays nice with Gutenberg
  • Comes with a “Survival Kit” free add-on plugin that lets you add capabilities such as WooCommerce to it

The theme is not yet available for public consumption and I don’t know if it ever will be. If so, it will be made available on GitHub. I don’t intend to submit it to the official WP Themes directory, considering that the Themes directory has to go a long way before it gets its act together.