Kon-Tiki is a new theme that I have been working on. It is still in a state of development, though several core aspects of it are ready and are featured live on this site as well as here.

This theme is a marked deviation from my previous project Suffusion. Some key highlights include:

  • Modern PHP foundation – it will not work on PHP versions older than 5.6
  • No JavaScript – no sliders, no menu converters
  • No prepackaged fonts – it relies on gorgeous-looking system fonts
  • No prepackaged raster graphics – it relies on one inline SVG
  • Reliance on CSS Grid, which builds out an astonishingly little 31KB unminified CSS file
  • A solid framework for managing widths and layouts
  • Uses the Customizer
  • Plays nice with Gutenberg
  • Comes with a “Survival Kit” free add-on plugin that lets you add capabilities such as WooCommerce to it

The theme is not yet available for public consumption and will first be made available on GitHub. Once the code stabilizes and once we are at WP 5.4 (by which time PHP 5.6 will have been the minimum requirement for WP for two releases), I will submit it for approval.