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Me and Ananya in a shopping spree!
Me and Ananya in a shopping spree!

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  • According to, Peacocks use their long tail feathers to attract peahens for mating. They raise them and fan them and strut around showing off. While they do this they also will intermittently shake their tails and wings to make a loud rustling sound to get attention. Sounds like a drama queen to me.
  • Yay I made my flight & did my face while waiting on the plane lol. See you in 2 hrs SEATTLE 😁
  • Das-Can-In-Stein, an Oktoberfest inspired tankard scaffold. Instantly makes your Keystone Light look classy as f*ck. #Oktoberfest #das-can-in-stein #beer #pabst #keystone
  • Morningg
  • Caltrain
  • hello so I really want to win this bc your account is ABSOLUTLY amazing and you are so talented and it would be an honor to win this
  • i always say
"How unpleasant." every time
I get a bad grade in math class
the teacher is a male
who hates me
he told me to shut up😂
  • who else 
shed a tear at this part
and then when it happened again
but seriously I loved this anime
it needs a second season
  • Diamonds are a close second... 😁
  • Earth may be my favorite artist



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  • @cosmopolitanuk
  • #HorseWithHarden is going down TONIGHT! Get your final submissions in today. @jharden13 will pick his favorites and try them. Follow us @footlocker on Twitter tonight to see if your shot gets picked! #approved
  • Good Morning from #LA 🌴
➡️off to work 📷 #forever21💙
  • Good morning!!! 😘 Posed inspired by @lamise.
  • Cls950 #Overkill 💀 @Le_Chiffre1 💀 pic by our bro @markovsky
  • Unconditional love is not for sale! ❤️.. #family
  • Paris in Paris. 🗼
  • Good morning Minnesota!
  • 🎈
  • I have seen the sunset in so many different places, I have seen joy spread across so many different faces. I have seen the vows and so many first dances, I've seen long courtships and whirlwind romances. I have met so many people, and I want to meet you, if you are getting married, you know what to do:  and click Contact. 
#tylerknott #treehousephotography
  • Oh hiii - I'm going Sober for October! 😖 Please donate if you can to help victims of cancer and their families (and cheer me up while I drink orange and lemonade on a Saturday night) @gosoberuk @macmillancancer (PS soz about your face @louteasdale it's for the cause)
  • The wait is over! #TakeTheCrown #Royals
  • พี่บอย หนูขอโทษ 5555 @anantachaifilm
  • Good morning, NYC w/ @meghankluth
  • Surface Matters, courtesy of the new #Gucci #Cruise2015 campaign. #fridagiannini @mertalas @macpiggott

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