Gallery Creation


Photonic started out as a shortcode-based plugin. While the basis of the plugin has always been the tweaking of a shortcode, it can get challenging to remember all the different parameters of the shortcode. So Photonic offers you multiple ways out.

Pre-Gutenberg (< WP 5.0)

If you are not using the Gutenberg editor and are sticking to the Classic Editor, you get to see this at the top of each post:

Adding or Editing a Gallery

Click on either of the buttons

Interactive Flow

If you click on “Add / Edit Photonic Gallery“, it launches an interactive flow where you can choose what type of gallery you want to show.

Pick your source

Clicking on “Add / Edit Photonic Gallery” starts an interactive workflow lets you pick your source

Subsequent screens are generated based on your selections on the initial screens.

Make your choices

Each selection drives the next screen that lets you build out your shortcode

Vanilla Editor

If you click on the “Add Media” button, you are shown the traditional gallery interface with an additional tab for “Photonic”:

Click on the new "Photonic" tab

Clicking on the “Add Media” button gives you the classical interface, where you can click on the new “Photonic” tab

Click on the individual tabs for Flickr, Picasa etc.

Click on the individual tabs for Flickr, Picasa etc.

Gutenberg and Beyond (≥ WP 5.0)

Gutenberg is the codename for WordPress’ new editing experience. It dispenses with traditional constructs such as shortcodes and introduces “blocks”. Photonic version 2.10 has been written to support Gutenberg, but if you use the “Classic Block” and use the “Convert to Blocks” feature therein you need to take care of a few things, so do read-up here.

When you click on the button to add a new block you are shown one for Photonic:


Pick the “Photonic Gallery” block

Once you pick the block you will be taken to the interactive flow.