SmugMug Photos


All photos in a particular album for a user can be displayed using this invocation:

[gallery type='smugmug' view='images' album='abcdefgh_123456']

You could replace view='images' with view='album' and get the same results.

Note that you don’t need the nickname of the user here.

The value you pass to album is the last segment of an album URL. E.g. IF your album URL is, the short-code will take abcdefgh_123456 as the parameter value for album.

You can additionally provide a columns parameter, similar to the standard gallery short-code invocation.

You can see the results here, for a sample invocation:

6 photos

The above was created with the shortcode:

[gallery type='smugmug' view='images' album='48060458_csGcG5' columns=4]

Note that the above syntax is equivalent to:

[gallery type='smugmug' view='images' album_id='48060458' album_key='csGcG5' columns=4]


[gallery type='smugmug' view='album' album_id='48060458' album_key='csGcG5' columns=4]

Currently protected albums are not supported. Support for them will be added in the near future.