Group Hierarchy


The “Group Hierarchy” in Zenfolio shows all the Groups, Galleries and Collections for a given user. It is triggered when the view parameter is set to hierarchy, and needless to say, it requires the login_name of the user as a parameter:

[gallery type='zenfolio' view='hierarchy' login_name='...'] 

If your Zenfolio URL is, your login_name is stevekershaw (this is Colin’s login name). This is how it shows up:

50012: There is no such user.

The settings page at Photonic → Settings → Zenfolio → Zenfolio Groups applies to hierarchies as well.

Miscellaneous Parameters

The following miscellaneous parameters can be used:

  • limit – Shows a certain number of results. The default is 20.
  • columns – Number of thumbnails per row. The default is auto, so the plugin tries to arrange thumbnails one after another till a row is full.
  • thumb_size – This is the size of displayed thumbnails. This can take the following values:
    • 0 – Small thumbnail, upto 80 × 80px
    • 1 – Square thumbnail, 60 × 60px, cropped square
    • 10 – Medium thumbnail, upto 120 × 120px
    • 11 – Large thumbnail, upto 120 × 120px
    • 2 – Small image, upto 400 × 400px