Thanks, Contributors!

For once this is not a post about a theme release. I wanted to thank all of you who made contributions towards my coffee. Turns out that I can now get an iPod touch, and that too, before Thanksgiving!! I can hear some of you snickering, “Well, you can now test out the theme on iPhone / iPod Safari!”

I have been doing bug-fix releases the past week. I have also added some minor functionality, but nothing big. The reason is that I have been working towards releasing a magazine-styled layout. The basics are taking time to put in. I will start with one magazine-styled layout and then add a few more. Photo-blogging will follow. Expect the first magazine-styled layout later this week. The new versions will start from 3.0.0 onwards, because, frankly, the theme in its current state looks nothing like release 2.0.0 and the magazine-styled layout seems like a good point to jump release versions and indicate the revolutionary nature of some of the last few releases as opposed to the evolutionary (featured posts, tabbed sidebars, multiple types of drop-downs in the menu, RTL language support etc).

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