Upcoming Changes in Photonic – PHP 7.0+ Syntax

I have been holding off on one Photonic change for a while now – dropping support for PHP 5.6. Here is some background for context: WordPress has a tradition of supporting a lot of deadweight PHP versions. Up until WP 5.1, it used to support PHP 5.2+. At that time, the active PHP version was […]

Upcoming Photonic Impact – Transitioning from jQuery

Ever since I started work on WordPress in 2009, I have been a big proponent of jQuery. Up until recently almost all my projects used jQuery, with Kon-Tiki eventually breaking the trend by discarding JavaScript altogether. The jQuery library came into prominence with a host of contemporaries – MooTools, Scriptaculous etc. It propagated the concept […]

Likely Disruption for Photonic Users with Instagram Galleries

It has been a while since I have posted here! Over the past few months a combination of factors have kept me from posting an update to Photonic – pressures at work, complexity of updates etc. However, there was one big-ticket item that needed doing – an Instagram API update. For the lack of features […]

4 Months with Gutenberg

It has been almost 4 months since Gutenberg was released (on 6th December 2018) or foisted upon unsuspecting users, depending on your point of view. I had posted about it on my blog earlier as well as on the WordPress Reviews section, but I did want to revisit it now that I have had some […]

Shutting Down the Aquoid Support Forum

This post essentially marks the end-of-life of support for Suffusion from this website. The Aquoid Support Forum was the one-stop-shop for Suffusion support as well as for support provided for other plugins I have built over the years. However it was beset by problems, primary among them being the insanely high number of spammers who […]

Photonic – Change in Google Photos API

Google made an unannounced change to its Photos API on 29th or 30th August, wherein it changed the maximum number of photos returned in a single call to 100 from 500. Unfortunately this is a breaking change – if you pass a number > 100 the API returns an error … and this affects Photonic. […]

RIP FeedBurner (Here, at least)

I love Google and I have several very close friends working for them. But there is one aspect of Google that is irritating: they phase out things without putting an effective transition plan in place, and often without offering any replacement. They did this with Reader (I haven’t forgiven them for it), they did this […]

The (Word)Pressing Issue that is Gutenberg

It is a sign of changing times when I get surprised by news specific to WordPress. I had heard about Gutenberg and the whole discussion around Facebook patenting REACT in a different context (about DIYThemes suing Automattic), and filed the information away as something not to be unduly concerned about. Then, three weeks back, as […]

Requesting Reviews for Photonic

Dear Users of Photonic, I know that many of you have, in the past, rated Photonic well on WordPress.org. However, sometime in late 2016 / early 2017 WordPress deleted all ratings without reviews, causing Photonic to lose out on a large number of good ratings. As you are aware, all my WordPress work has been […]

GDPR Compliance for Suffusion

I recently received a question about GDPR compliance for Suffusion on the WordPress forum, posted on the support forum for Photonic – not the right place to post. But there is no support forum page for Suffusion on the WordPress support forums, plus I don’t monitor the forums here since I gave up working on […]