Suffusion Version 3.0.2

After the approval process for version 3.0.0 took about a week (actually I am being uncharitable – the WordPress moderators too need their vacation!), I submitted version 3.0.2 on 30th November. Hopefully it will get approved in the next couple of days.

This release was heavy on bug fixes and backwards compatibility. Here is the list of modifications for 3.0.1:

  1. Bug Fixes
    1. RTL Language Support – Thanks to some really constructive feedback, I have hopefully ironed out more than 95% of the bugs in the RTL language layout.
    2. Dinosaur Revival – I went the extra mile and fixed a lot of minor layout niggles with IE6 and Suffusion. Primary among those deal with the navigation bar. There were also some issues with the post widths pushing the sidebars down etc.
    3. Sidebar layout breakdown – One of the most frequently asked questions about the theme has been, “Why do my sidebars look funny?” Thanks to a post from DigitalNature on the WP forum this is no longer an issue. Hopefully we have seen the last of the widget gimmicks. If you are facing widget layout issues, like nested widgets, or widgets moving from the sidebars to the footers etc, go to the option “Use JQuery to fix widget layout issues?” under “Sidebars and Widget Areas” and enable JQuery.
  2. Enhanced Sidebar Tabs
    You can now mimic the functionality of text / RSS widgets in the sidebar tabs. There are 10 blank custom tabs provided for your use.

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