Kon-Tiki: A Fresh Coat of Paint

After almost 10 years this website features a new theme, Kon-Tiki. I started working on this quite some time back, but various priorities kept pushing this to the back-burner until I finally decided to go ahead and release it live on a couple of my sites. My personal page has had this for over a […]

Suffusion Not Available Any More

On 22nd June, Suffusion was removed from the WP themes directory all of a sudden. Someone decided that a theme whose last version was released and approved 5 months back and whose users had been generally happy did not meet requirements, and yanked the theme. My response to the comment was simple: However, given that […]

Suffusion Version 4.4.9

Version 4.4.9 is now live. This version has minor bug-fixes: I have cleaned up some CSS styles that did not conform to standards. This should have no impact on your websites. There was a bug in the responsive layouts, which prevented pages from displaying at full-width on iPhones 5 and upwards, if your site had […]

Suffusion Version 4.4.8

Following my 2-year hiatus and the post last night, I was mentally prepared to go back and forth with the theme review team a few times on the approval of the latest version of Suffusion. Surprisingly, though, version 4.4.8 of Suffusion got approved within a few hours of submission! Here is the gist of changes: […]

Suffusion Version 4.4.7

Version 4.4.7 of Suffusion got approved a couple of hours back. As mentioned in my previous post, there are a couple of things in this version: A fix pertaining to the new version of JQuery UI included in WP 3.6 – Drake already posted this fix on the forum, and upgrading to the new version […]

Suffusion Version 4.4.6

Version 4.4.6 of Suffusion was released a little while back. This is a minor version, but with some far-reaching changes: I have changed the JQuery functions in the theme to use on instead of live. The live function was deprecated in JQuery 1.7.0 and is removed in 1.9.0. Now, WP itself distributes JQuery 1.8.3, which […]

Suffusion Version 4.4.5

Version 4.4.5 got approved today. This version has the following changes: I have removed all uses of the “Pointer API”. This was the piece of code that used to show tips about changes in the new versions. This change was again necessitated by the WPTRT, since contrary to Andrew Nacin’s claims about the core team […]

Suffusion Version 4.4.4, Suffusion Shortcodes Version 1.01, Suffusion BP pack Version 1.13

I was hoping version 4.4.4 would go live on 12.12.12, which unfortunately was missed by a day. Here are the updates in this version: I removed the two shortcodes in the theme that could be classified as “post content” shortcodes – suffusion-widgets and suffusion-multic (along with its companionsuffusion-column). This is thanks to the guideline change […]

Suffusion Version 4.4.3, WordPress 3.5

It took a while, but version 4.4.3 of Suffusion is finally live. This version has a handful of changes: New Features: I have added an option to disable widgets, under Back-End → Modules. In there you will see a listing of all of Suffusion’s custom widgets. If you are not going to be using a […]