Photonic Version 1.03

Version 1.03 of Photonic is now available. This version has the following important changes:

  1. Flickr Galleries are now supported, in addition to Photosets, Collections and Photos.
  2. Some users had reported a “Division by zero” error message for Picasa galleries. While there was a very easy way to fix this (simply by re-saving or resetting the options), I have nipped this in the bud.
  3. I fixed an issue with Chrome, Safari and any of WebKit’s progeny, where the native gallery slideshows were overlapping content below them.
  4. I have also added options to reduce the overhead for displaying native galleries as slideshows. You can now pick from any size supported by your theme.

In other news, I have now got access to SmugMug’s API as well as 500px’s. Both, however, require OAuth integration, which is a whole new ballgame. I have started putting the plumbing together, but this will take a bit of time to implement.

I am now going to fix the one bug that came out of Suffusion 3.8.3. Folks who have worked with the latest version of Suffusion, I await your feedback on the new features and performance improvements that came with it. I am all ears.

Also note that while I have shut down “Feature Requests”, I have been listening to you and waiting for the right moment to add a feature. However, with one hyper-popular theme (Suffusion), one cumbersome plugin (Suffusion BuddyPress Pack), one favourite plugin (Photonic) and some more plugins in the works, it is going to be more and more difficult for me to manage my time.

4 Responses to “Photonic Version 1.03”

  1. This Plugin is brilliant!!! Photonic is incredibly powerful and useful whilst remaining simple to use. Thanks Sayontan!

    • Thanks, Gary. Yes, I quite like what I have delivered with Photonic. It had always been my bête noire that I couldn’t insert a nice Picasa album into my posts – the other plugins in this space never met my needs. And building the plugin has taught me a lot of things in the area of pulling information from external services.

  2. I think so. It´s amazing good !! But I can´t fit properly the photos with the last version 1.04 🙁 How can I get the old version 1.03 ?? Thank you very much indeed

    • Thank you. I got it. It´s so good because have a lot of options.