Photonic Version 1.25

I managed to track down the oddest bug I have seen in code in a long time when I worked to release version 1.25 of Photonic. After the last release quite a few users noticed that the module had stopped working. This was particularly surprising to me because I could see working perfectly on my local install, but failing elsewhere, such as the demo site. I never would have guessed, but the problem was that my development environment is a 64-bit machine while my live environment is a 32-bit machine. That was causing the maximum possible integer in PHP to be evaluated differently on the two platforms, and since I was comparing dates using this number as a bound, the 64-bit and 32-bit machines were returning differing results.

Anyway, this is the gist of this version of Photonic:

  1. Fixed the above issue.
  2. There was an issue that you wouldn’t have noticed if you weren’t connected to the web – trying to view a gallery while not connected would result in a fatal error. This has been taken care of.

Hope this fixes the issues for you.

2 Responses to “Photonic Version 1.25”

  1. Thanks for this it sorted my 500px gallery perfectly now back up and running.

  2. Hi,
    great work.
    But I have an unresolved issue and would like to register for the support forum but I do NOT get the activation email!!
    I already tried 5 times…