Photonic Version 1.40

A Happy New Year to all readers of this site and all the people who use Suffusion, Photonic, FontMeister and all my other plugins!

I had intended for this to be finished about a week back, but due to some technical issues I wasn’t able to do so. Version 1.40 adds yet another provider to Photonic’s growing cap – Zenfolio support! This is the complete list of changes for this release:

  1. Zenfolio Support
    I have added support for Zenfolio photos, Photosets (both Galleries and Collections), Groups and the Group Hierarchy. Take a look at the demos for usage. Please note that access to protected photos (password-protected as well as private) is not supported at this point. I did face the aforementioned technical issues while attempting to do this, but I haven’t received any help from the Zenfolio folks yet. I will work on this as soon as I can figure it out.
  2. I fixed an issue with the Instagram shortcode generation, which was inserting an incorrect shortcode when users would attempt to put in Instagram tags.
  3. I added the photonic_register_extensions action hook to enable plugin-developers to add more extensions.
  4. I fixed some PHP notices that were showing up in debug mode when no options were set.
  5. The option to prevent SmugMug album headers from being clickable was not working. This has been rectified.

Photonic has seen some breakneck development over the past few months. I will now focus on polishing some of the existing features of Photonic over the next few releases. I will also work on some enhancements to FontMeister in the next few weeks.

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