FontMeister Version 1.04

A user pointed out a bug in FontMeister today, which, to my extreme surprise, should have been caught at least a few weeks back! The issue was that for Font Squirrel fonts, if the font had only one variant, the CSS selectors for it were not showing up in the font stack. I have fixed this issue, which is the only change in version 1.04 of FontMeister.

Please let me know how it works for you, and if you like the plugin, please review it at its official WP page.

2 Responses to “FontMeister Version 1.04”

  1. Great plugin, thanks very much. I have a question though, is it possible to allocate the fontmeister fonts to site headings, breadcrumbs and so on i.e. default font? If so, how?

    • This is dependent on your theme and markup. Ideally you should be able to specify the CSS selectors that you want to use a particular font for via the FontMeister → Fonts screen. When you select a font in your font stack you will be able to assign selectors to it. Typically for generic text the body or p selector should work, unless your theme uses a more specific selector.

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