Photonic Version 1.50

I have just released version 1.50 of Photonic, which has some pretty nifty updates. Here is a summary:

  1. One shortcoming that Photonic had was that it didn’t support gestures on mobile devices. That is one less shortcoming with version 1.50. I have added support for Swipebox, which is the default lightbox at present. Swipebox also happens to be pretty light (around 12KB), so all the more reason to use it.
  2. A happy by-product of Swipebox is another oft-requested feature. Many users have asked for the capability to bypass the popup panel that shows up when you click on a thumbnail for an album. If Swipebox is your lightbox, this is the default behaviour! To change the behaviour (and make it behave the traditional way with the popup), go to Photonic → Settings → Generic Options → Popup Panel, and toggle the field Enable popup for Swipebox.
  3. I hadn’t realized that the Zenfolio displays were broken due to a change in how Zenfolio provided object ids, and WP’s native code completely butchered those ids. This has been addressed.
  4. Smugmug has changed how its front-end, making it extremely difficult to find out what your album id is. So I have added a helper to make things easier, under Photonic → Helpers.
  5. This is more of a purely technical change – I switched the custom JQuery Tooltip code to the default JQuery Tooltip script supplied by WP. This makes things a bit easier for me from an implementation point of view.

Hope you enjoy this release!

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