Photonic Version 1.52 – Enhanced Layout and Gesture Support

I have released Photonic Version 1.52, with a plethora of changes:

  1. I have provided a new option to save the automatically generated CSS into a file. The option is under Photonic → Settings → Generic Options → Generic Settings.
  2. I had, in the previous version, provided support for “Random tiled galleries”. This was restricted to the photos displayed in the page. In this version this support has been extended to groups of Albums, Photosets, Galleries etc.
  3. There is now a new layout attribute supported in the shortcode. It takes the values square, circle or random. Whatever you specify here will override the global layout that you define under Photonic → Settings → Generic Options → Layouts.
  4. There was recently an issue reported regarding 500px collections. Upon investigating I found out that the whole API had changed. So, I adapted the code to the new API. In addition I found that I can now pull all collections for a user – something that I wasn’t able to do earlier. If you do not pass a view_id parameter to the shortcode while displaying a collection, it will display all of the collections for a user.
  5. A couple of versions back I added support for Swipebox, touting its gesture-friendly features. In this version I have extended gesture-support to Colorbox, PrettyPhoto and FancyBox. Since these libraries are not gesture-friendly by default, this requires an additional 12KB JavaScript. In my opinion, though, it is much easier to use Swipebox and directly launch the lightbox for libraries.
  6. I added a capability to bypass the interim album / gallery / photoset popup for PrettyPhoto as well. So, this feature is now available for both Swipebox and PrettyPhoto.
  7. I use a third-party script called “Wait for Images”, to wait for all images to finish loading. I have updated this to the latest version, which skips images blocked by firewalls instead of waiting forever.
  8. I hadn’t realized that the “Random Tiled Gallery” layout was not behaving properly for Fancybox, Colorbox and PrettyPhoto. I have corrected this behaviour.
  9. Apparently there was an issue wherein a lightbox triggered from the popup panel was pulling photos from other galleries etc., and this issue existed since the very initial releases of Photonic. I have fixed this.
  10. By default Swipebox blocks the title and navigation bars on mobiles. I have provided an option to enable them, under Photonic → Settings → Generic Options → Lightbox Library Settings

Hope you have fun with the plugin!

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