Photonic Version 2.12 – Magnific and More Lightbox Capabilities

If you haven’t heard, WP 5.0 featuring Gutenberg is here. If you haven’t had a chance to form your opinion about it, do ensure that you download a copy of the “Classic Editor” plugin to recover from any shock caused by Gutenberg. Displaying behaviour that has been symptomatic of Gutenberg all along, I will move my sites to WP 5.0, but I will keep my wife on 4.9.8 before things stabilize. I will additionally install Classic Editor because the new WP 5.0 text editor is just too crippled, and Gutenberg suffers from an exceptional amount of bloat.

Having said the above, here is Photonic version 2.12 to go with WordPress 5.0.

  1. Magnific Popup Support:
    People are usually concerned when they have 13 of something. Well, for those superstitiously minded folks, here is cause for concern: Photonic has added support for its thirteenth lightbox – Magnific Popup. Unlike PhotoSwipe (which is also from the same developer), Magnific was a lot easier to code for, and was reminiscent of some of the easier coding I have had to do for Photonic.
  2. New Features / Changes:
    This release features a number of small additions / changes:

    1. I have moved the “Lightboxes” options from under Photonic → Settings → Generic Options to its own header, Photonic → Settings → Lightboxes.
    2. Consequently I have added a lot of customization options to the lightboxes, and I will continue adding more over the next few releases.
    3. I have added the capability to launch a lightbox from a slideshow. Currently this works only if your lightbox is LightGallery or Magnific, but I will be expanding this feature.
    4. There is a new option to remove the photo count from Google Album displays, under Photonic → Settings → Google Photos → Hide Photo Count in Album Title Display.
  3. Bug Fixes:
    1. In some cases slideshows were not stretching to the full width. This should be working now.
    2. There was a bug in the interactive flow that was causing a zero-impact JavaScript error while trying to create a new gallery. This has been patched.

Hope you enjoy the new release.

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