Photonic Version 2.13 – Minor Fixes

The last few days have been interesting. Ever since WP 5.0 has released, I have watched, bemusedly, as the ratings for Gutenberg plummeted at unimaginable speeds – before the release of WP 5.0 the plugin had around 960 single-star ratings, but once the new version landed, this number shot up to 1120+. It managed twice as many single-star ratings in 5 days as Photonic has managed total ratings in its lifetime! Obviously people have not taken kindly to a radical new paradigm being shoved down their throats. And while “radical new paradigm” sounds cool, “shoving down their throats” isn’t. Has WP missed the oldest trick in the change management playbook? Only time will tell.

In more mundane news version 2.13 of Photonic is now out:

  1. Bug Fixes
    1. In my last post I had joked about Photonic supporting 13 lightboxes, and how the number 13 might be handled superstitiously by people. As it turns out, the thirteenth addition did break something in Photonic. Fancybox3, PrettyPhoto and StripJS lightboxes were broken for gallery transitions (only one photo would show) because I had to change something fundamentally for Magnific Popup, the thirteenth lightbox.
    2. In the interactive workflow for creating native WP galleries, if a “tile size” was being passed, it was being read as a “thumb size”. This behaviour has been fixed.
  2. New Additions
    1. I have added multiple new options to the lightbox settings screen
    2. I have added an explicit check within the interactive flow to ensure that the calling user has the capability to edit posts

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