Photonic Version 2.17 – Zenfolio Smart Names and No Titles

Happy New Year!

On my second day back from my break I have been able to release version 2.17 of Photonic. This version has the following bug fixes:

  1. Zenfolio photosets with “smart” names were not being pulled up correctly. E.g. If you had a photoset that had an id such as “birthday”, that wouldn’t show. This issue has been addressed.
  2. If the option to display titles was set to none, it was still showing a title upon hovering over the thumbnails. This has been changed so that the hover shows nothing, but the lightbox still shows a title.
  3. If you were using a Masonry layout to show a group of albums, the wouldn’t respect the columns attribute. This should be working now.
  4. I put in a couple of minor changes. The first ensures that the hints in the interactive workflow only show up when required. The second ensures that clicking on the link to share on Pinterest opens in a new window.

Hope you enjoy this release. As always, if you are enjoying Photonic and would like to show your appreciation, please feel free to rate it well.

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