Photonic Version 2.17 – Private Photos in Interactive Workflow, Divi Conflicts

I have just now released version 2.17 of Photonic. The following are covered in this release:

  1. Flickr private albums were not showing up in the interactive gallery builder – this should be working now
  2. There was an apparent conflict with Divi due to Divi overriding some of WP’s native styles. This was causing the WordPress media uploader to disappear behind Photonic’s interactive gallery builder – I have made a change at my end to help out with this

In other news I am working with Google towards making my API key usable by everyone. If I succeed in this, the most complex aspect of Photonic, i.e. creating a Google API Key will go away, dramatically simplifying Photonic’s back-end process.

2 Responses to “Photonic Version 2.17 – Private Photos in Interactive Workflow, Divi Conflicts”

  1. data filter dont work with google photos albums

    • “Data filter”? Do you mean “Date filter”? They are not supposed to work with albums. Do you see any documentation saying they should? Let me know, and I will rectify it.

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